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    16 Of The Best Futons That'll Fit Your Space Perfectly

    These futons will ~transform~ the room without taking up too much space.

    1. A gorgeous velvet convertible sleeper bed with a chevron design so you can show all your guests how trendy you are. This isn't a regular futon, it's a cool futon!

    reviewer's orange chevron futon
    another reviewer's orange futon in down position

    Promising review: "I was a little nervous when this showed up in two large boxes, but it is literally four pieces that you screw together and it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever put together in my whole life. It is so comfy. It is so sturdy. I absolutely love it." —Sharon

    Get it from Amazon for $299.99+ (available in two styles and 11 colors).

    2. An armless sofa perfect for a guest room or office that needs a comfy seating option. It's made of high-density foam so your tush will thank you if you happen to doze off while scrolling TikTok.

    the blue sofa in its upright position
    the sofa laid flat
    Raymour & Flanigan

    Promising review: "Comfy and very functional! Great addition to my sons room to double as a lounge area and bed for sleepovers." —Kimberly G.

    Get it from Raymour & Flanigan for $628.96+ (originally $779.95; available in three colors). 

    3. A dreamy vegan leather sleeper sofa from Albany Park when you don't want your futon to scream, "I'm a futon!" at the top of its lungs. This lovely piece of furniture could easily serve as your primary couch and nobody would know the difference.

    model sitting on the sofa in upright position with their dog
    same model lying down on the sofa in the bed position
    Albany Park

    Albany Park is a Black-owned furniture company that was inspired by founder Darryl's Nigerian ancestry. 

    Get it from Albany Park for $1,329 (originally $1,399; available in five fabric/color options and two leg finishes).

    4. A retro tufted velvet futon if you want to give your space the gift of color *and* style. This baby comes with padded armrests, a split back, and tapered wooden legs.

    Promising review: "We are extremely happy with our purchase. The sofa is exactly as we expected. I would say the cushions are a little more on the firmer side which we like." —Wendynbaby

    Get it from Amazon for $498+ (available in three colors).

    5. A versatile sofa bed *with* cup holders because sometimes you want a futon that can truly do it all. Seating and drink holders for two? Check. Transforms into a bed for sleeping? Check. Removable armrests that double as pillows? Check.

    the black faux leather futon sofa in upright position with cupholders holding drinks
    the black faux leather futon sofa in down position with blanket

    Promising review: "We had this sofa bed for two weeks. It is comfortable and gives me good support. Very sturdy even for 3–4 people sitting on it. The armrest design is pretty good, like the back seat cup holder in my car. When you fold it into the sofa, the whole family can sit on it watching TV. I use it for sofa most of the time, but occasionally when guests are coming, I have a choice of letting them sleep on this sofa bed instead on the carpet. I didn't choose fabric material because I think leather is easy to clean if we accidentally split drinks on it. So far so good." —Lu

    Get it from Amazon for $159.99+ (clip the coupon on the product page to save $10; available in four colors)

    6. A modern Serta tufted futon, which was basically made for smaller spaces that need to offer some kind of seating option. It won't take over the entire room but there will still be a place to sit, lounge, and even sleep!

    charcoal futon in upright position
    charcoal futon in down position

    If you're looking to buy more than just futons, check out some of the best places to buy a sofa or couch online!

    Promising review: "Exactly what we needed. We were looking for a lightweight futon type couch for our RV. This was perfect. It was small enough to fit two and it didn’t add a lot of extra weight. It also seems quite comfortable for sleeping." —Abby

    Get it from Wayfair for $158+ (available in three colors).

    7. A mid-century velvet or faux-leather futon so you never have to worry about whether your couch matches your decor theme. This will complement your space and earn you endless compliments.

    Blue velvet futon in upright position
    Blue velvet futon in down position

    Promising review: "I've had this couch for about three weeks and I LOVE IT! I was pretty hesitant about this considering it was cheaper than most I had found elsewhere. Many people are surprised I bought this from Walmart. I bought the blue velvet couch. The color is exactly what I wanted and true to the advertisement. I don't think it's too firm at all. I am usually laid out with a pillow and blanket to watch TV and I find it comfortable. My daughter and I both slept on this last night and it was fine." —Bailey

    Get it from Walmart for $224 (originally $425; available in four colors).

    8. Or a vintage-inspired velvet futon made of high-density foam and memory foam if you have no intention of choosing between being comfortable and keeping up with your home's aesthetic. Yes, you can have both!

    light green futon in upright position
    the pink futon laid lfat

    Promising review: "I love this couch so much. It folds in half so moving will be so much easier, plus the armrests have their own storage space within the couch! The back can be upright, in a lounge position, or laying all the way down. It’s super easy to change the positions, just remember to pull out the fold-in legs for the laying down position and you’ll need to pull it away from the wall and push it back to adjust each position. The couch is super soft so it’s nice for those with sensory needs. It’s firm but it’s memory foam so it’s also soft and comfy. The size is perfect for me. I went from a huge sectional to this and I’m completely satisfied. Fits three people comfortably. I kept my ottoman so that helps with lounging. My daughter got pizza sauce on it yesterday and it cleaned right up with water. Overall, this couch is awesome and I would recommend it!" —Chelsez

    Get it from Target for $277.99+ or Novogratz for $599 (available in six colors). 

    9. A sleek and spacious Article sofa bed that may have your houseguests fishing for another invite after spending a single night on it — it's just that good.

    the cream color sofa in upright position

    Promising review: "The Solna is exactly what I hoped for! I needed a stylish sofa for my office that could also accommodate visitors. It’s comfy for my daytime use and the bed is not only discreet but comfortable and easy to set up. My third Article couch and also my most comfortable!" —Holly S.

    Get it from Article for $1,399.

    10. Or this very cozy and compact sleeper sofa when space is extremely limited but you're going to find a suitable seating option if it's the last thing you do!!! Plus, the teddy fabric? Adorable.

    the white teddy fabric sleeper sofa in reviewer's office
    the couch in the bed position

    Promising review: "This couch was super easy to put together, it took less than 20 minutes. I love the color and it fits perfect into the space I bought it for. There is only one problem, my cats love it just as much as I do." —TheRose321

    Get it from Amazon for $239 (available in velvet or teddy fabric and 13 colors).

    11. A memory foam futon destined to become your regular napping spot when you need to take a load off. If the last time you napped on a futon was in college, your mind is about to be blown.

    reviewer's brown futon in the upright position
    another reviewer's brown futon in the down position

    Promising review: "Love this! I needed an extra piece of furniture that would be functional and comfortable for our guest room and also be a space saver. In the past other futons have been a hassle to change from couch to bed, and the mattress was too heavy and would constantly shift. THIS ONE IS PERFECT!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $246.99+ (available in five colors).

    12. A splurge-worthy convertible sofa for anyone who wants their futon to be the focal point of the room. I can guarantee this beaut will have your bestie begging for more sleepovers in the near future.

    the moss microfiber sleeper sofain upright position
    sleeper sofa in BuzzFeed editor's home
    Nouhaus, Amanda Davis / BuzzFeed

    Nouhaus is a small business looking to combine functionality with aesthetic furniture pieces.

    My colleague Amanda Davis loves this sofa:

    "I recently received this sofa and as a person who came from a very old and lumpy sectional and has a bad back, this ergonomic sofa is honestly heaven-sent. As for comfort, the back is suuuuper soft and comfortable, but the bottom is a bit more firm to my liking. And for style...ummmm just look at it! I’m obsessed with the blue velvet texture and the wooden legs look very high-end. I’ve even had numerous friends tell me how it 'really elevated' my space (the *biggest* compliment if you’re someone that loves anything home-decor related like me). And lastly: the full-size pull-out bed, my best friend’s favorite part about my couch upgrade. She says it’s comfy to sleep on all night (it even has two stability legs so it doesn’t tip over). It’s perfect if you’re someone who has a lot of guests staying over, but live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment (the struggle). It’s a chunk of change, but I’d say very very worth the investment. I can tell this couch will last me years to come." 

    Get it from Amazon or Nouhaus for $1,799.99 (originally $1,899.99; available in 10 styles/colors).