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36 Feel-Good Films Guaranteed To Make You Happy Every Time

Feeling down? We've got your back.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which film makes them happy without fail. Here are some of their best responses:

1. Stardust (2007)

Paramount Pictures

"It's just a really, really pretty movie with a fairytale feel about it – a trio of witches, a fallen star, a long line of sons competing for a throne, a boy trying to prove his love to a girl who barely knows he exists. Shot in England and Iceland and totally gorgeous."

Submitted by Anna Shafer, Facebook.

2. She's The Man (2006)

Paramount Pictures

"She's The Man makes me relax and laugh no matter what state I'm in! It always gets me to chuckle and reminds me of simpler times where makeover montages and a final scene set to the All American Rejects was the norm."

Submitted by Gemma Pecorini, Facebook.


3. RENT (2005)

Columbia Pictures

"It reminds me that I’m not alone, and that someday I’ll find somewhere I belong, with people who get me. It’s important to watch it with an open mind though."

Submitted by verity1776.

5. Pride (2014)


"It never ceases to bring tears to my eyes, no matter how many times I've seen it before. The story is so uplifting, the comedy is on point, and the cast/acting is downright amazing."

Submitted by Kasia Kathleen Millard, Facebook.


8. Practical Magic (1998)

Warner Bros.

"It has all the best elements of the 90’s feel-good: Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, a sassy and sarcastic Stockard Channing, familial connection, a strong feminist theme, and magic (not to mention midnight margaritas)! It’s equal parts hilarious, goofy, dark, and whimsy with a happy ending. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing."

Submitted by michaelp4cf71a6f2.

9. Last Holiday (2006)

Paramount Pictures

"It’s a sweet reminder to live your life the way YOU want and to not work so hard. But maybe don’t blow all your savings on a helicopter and the presidential suite."

Submitted by Potaito.

10. Never Been Kissed (1999)

20th Century Fox

"Watching Josie try time and again to fit in (and finally succeeding) is just so uplifting and I think everyone can relate at least a little bit to poor Josie Grosie."

Submitted by xsarahcatx.

11. School of Rock (2003)

Paramount Pictures

"School of Rock came out when I was still in primary school and me and my brother used to watch it on repeat. It always gives me such nostalgia and it’s just genuinely funny."

Submitted by elliea469c83253.

12. 50 First Dates (2004)

Columbia Pictures

"The soundtrack, the location, the actors, the plot, everything about that movie is perfect. I would watch it everyday if I could and I would never change the channel if it was on. This movie is just the best happy, but unorthodox love story ever."

Submitted by alexandriac4c3ff20bc.


13. The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

Walt Disney Pictures

"It makes me laugh so much and I could almost quote the whole film word for word. The memories that are attached to it and the film itself always make me feel better after a crappy day."

Submitted by Kswan.

14. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

Buena Vista Pictures

"It reminds me of good times from my childhood. But on its own merits, there's a good mix of slapstick and my favourite brand of humour, the pun ... Oh, and the female co-stars are pretty dang kick-ass, too. Neither Roger nor Eddie survives the first hour without Jessica and Dolores."

Submitted by Jonathan Hamrick, Facebook.

15. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Buena Vista Pictures

"It’s got Heath Ledger & Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ridiculous humour, a great stadium performance, literary references, and feminism! What more could you ask for?"

Submitted by JadeSofie.

16. Love Actually (2001)

Universal Pictures

"The characters can be so relatable, it’s funny, and it just shows that there is someone out there for everyone even if it is just your best friend."

Submitted by briannac4d12b9426.

17. Away We Go (2009)

Focus Features

"Getting to travel, see old friends, discovering what’s really important in life, and settling in a place that’s so comforting and filled with happy memories with someone you love. What else could you want in a movie?"

Submitted by Jenna Ballinger.


18. Freaky Friday (2003)

Buena Vista Pictures

"The facial expressions, the dialogue, the Britney Spears throwback, the terrible fashion, and the feel-good storyline. I love it! Definitely the opposite of a fun-sucker!"

Submitted by Katie van Vuuren, Facebook.

20. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

Paramount Pictures

"It always reminds me that it’s OK to have fun and not always worry about everything going on. You can’t control everything. And sometimes it’s better to let go and have a great day!"

Submitted by maddig415fb4304.

22. The Holiday (2006)

Universal Pictures

"I could watch The Holiday everyday, I don’t care if it’s not Christmas. If I’m in a slump Arthur’s talk of being the leading lady in my own life kicks me into gear. Then there’s Kate Winslet’s flawless bed dancing and the iconic character of Mr Napkinhead. You can’t go wrong."

Submitted by jmccune0908.


23. Hook (1991)

TriStar Pictures

"I would watch Hook when I was a kid whenever I was sick (on VHS of course) and it always made me feel better. Naturally, it’s still my go-to when adult life is hard."

Submitted by kaylas40ae27c98.

24. Matilda (1996)

TriStar Pictures

"As a kid, it was so cool for me to watch a girl doing magic tricks, but as I grew up it was also like a message about not conforming to the expectations of others, being yourself and well, also that studying was hella important. I really do think that Matilda is still so relevant to this day and that she is such a great role model, even if one day you realise you just can’t pull any magic tricks."

Submitted by madelosa15.

26. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

20th Century Fox

"The beautiful cinematography, the soundtrack, and the uplifting storyline never cease to make me feel happier. It also always makes me want to drop everything and go travel!"

Submitted by emilym156.

28. You've Got Mail (1998)

Warner Bros.

"All that Nora Ephron dialogue gets me cracking up. Almost 20 years later, it’s still relevant and I cry every time Tom Hanks runs through the park yelling 'BRINKLEY!'"

Submitted by hollyc448612dbe.

29. Bridget Jones' Diary (2001)

Universal Pictures

"I’ve watched it 10+ times and I still fall more and more in love with the Celine Dion singing scene. And when Bridget quits her job. And her birthday dinner. And when Mark buys her a new diary. Basically I fall in love with the movie more and more every time I watch it."

Submitted by Mcpereira14.

30. Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)

20th Century Fox

"Wes Anderson should make more kids’ films. This movie always puts me in a happy mood. The autumn colours, the antics of every one of the animals and all the curse words replaced with a literal 'cuss' is just terribly endearing."

Submitted by kadijak2.

33. The Parent Trap (1998)

Walt Disney Pictures

"There are so many hilarious lines in that movie, and it makes me cry and laugh every time. Also, it makes me happy to think that somewhere there is a parallel universe where British Lindsay Lohan is an accomplished, award-winning actress with her life together."

Submitted by austb25.

34. Dirty Dancing (1987)

Vestron Pictures

"Dirty Dancing has gotten me through every aspect of my life, rough or not (because sometimes everything is actually going perfectly and you need it to be more perfect)."

Submitted by WaitingWinterlong.

35. When Harry Met Sally... (1989)

Columbia Pictures

"I love that it's so honest about how complicated and weird love can be, and maybe I can see myself in the characters, too: The cynicism of Harry and the doe-eyed hopefulness of Sally. And the ending gets me every time."

Submitted by Kiera Bolden, Facebook.

36. Big Fish (2003)

Columbia Pictures

"I watched this movie for the first time about three years ago after my grandfather passed away, and no other movie has put a smile on my face like this one. The story is beautiful and the father-son relationship portrayed in this film not only helped me cope with losing my Papa, but also helped me get closer to my dad. I watch it whenever it's a rainy day or if I'm just feeling down and it always gets me through."

Submitted by Kyle T. Davison, Facebook.

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