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    People Are Sharing The Movie And TV Plot Holes They Noticed, And Now I Can't Unsee Them


    The other day, I was scrolling through when I came across this thread about movie and TV show plot holes that really grind people's gears. As I was scrolling, I was nodding along in agreement AND fired up about all these plot holes!

    Kris Jenner looking shocked at her iMac

    So, here are some of the most frustrating responses:

    1. The age-old question: Why didn't Cinderella's missing glass slipper change back after midnight in Cinderella?

    Walt Disney Studios

    Also, like, if it fit "perfectly," how did it fall off in the first place?


    2. What happened to all the supervillains after all the superheroes were outlawed in The Incredibles?


    3. How did the boat crew die even though the raptors were secured in their hold at the end of The Lost World: Jurassic Park?

    Universal Studios

    4. How was Leslie Knope able to get recalled in the fifth season of Parks and Recreation if Indiana has no recall legislation?

    5. What's the science in Ant-Man? Dr. Pym said that even though Scott will shrink, he'll remain the same weight, but Dr. Pym also has been keeping a shrunken tank on his keychain.

    Marvel / Walt Disney

    6. Why couldn't they fly to another airport when Dulles got taken over by the bad guys in Die Hard 2?

    20th Century Fox

    7. They could't travel via wizarding means for fear of tracking, but why couldn't Harry & Co. travel via muggle transportation in Deathly Hallows?

    Harry, Hermione, and Ron on the run in London
    Warner Bros. / Courtesy Everett Collection

    8. If Buzz believed he was real, why did he freeze whenever humans appeared in Toy Story?


    9. Edward says that a reason why the Cullens have to move is because Carlisle is supposed to be 10 years younger than he appears, but the Cullen children didn't start school a decade before high school in New Moon.

    Summit Entertainment


    10. Why didn't Lorraine or George ever bring up a childhood friend who looked exactly like Marty to him in Back to the Future?

    Universal Pictures

    11. How did they have five Christmases in That '70s Show if the show took place between 1976–1979?


    12. How did Darth Vader not recognize C-3P0 in The Empire Strikes Back even though Anakin built him in The Phantom Menace?

    Anakin building C-3P0

    13. And finally...essentially all of WW84?

    Warner Bros.

    But, mostly, how was Diana able to make an entire plane invisible when her powers were draining?


    What are some movie and TV show plot holes that you can't stop thinking about? Let us know in the comments below!

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