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    • dianl

      Okay I apologize, I read it as Christmas Eve. So it was Christmas night, the next morning they woke up and still did not realize their child was missing until they found a note on the stairs? And prior to calling 911 they did not search their entire house and look everywhere for her? Also I don’t understand how the note goes from “we/us” to “me/I”, and how it could have been “left” on the stairs…I sleep like a boss but if someone was murdering my daughter, putting her in my wine cellar and then leaving a note,I think I might wake up at some point. Also,Patsy referred to her as “this” child, not “my” child/daughter…..weird? dissociative? Terrible job if questioning done by police IMO

    • dianl

      I read this article, I’ve read other articles about this, I’ve seen specials about it.. my question is, what time Christmas morning did they find this alleged “ransom note” that made them realize their 6 year old wasn’t there? This family clearly celebrated Christmas, they had decorations outside of their house and they had a 6 year old and a 9 year old… according to multiple articles and interviews they both slept through the night and didn’t realize one of their children was missing until they found a note…on Christmas morning. Not a Christian, not coming from a Christian perspective ,asking because the family did obviously celebrate Christmas ,so how could they not realize this? Kids that age get up super early on Christmas morning to open presents. Also, didn’t either of the parents play Santa and wake up in the middle of the night to put presents under the tree? These would be the first questions I asked if I was in charge of this investigation. Police work fail. total fail

    • dianl

      How about make police officers wear body cameras all the time that they’re on duty so there’s only one version of a situation when it does happen, and also, make them accountable for their actions when they DO use excessive force,initiate/participate in an instance of police brutality. Make them finally have consequences for abusing their power instead of putting them in on “administrative paid leave” as punishment for killing someone or seriously injuring them.
      Making someone sit at a desk and do paperwork instead of patrolling in a police car is not even close to being a consequence for taking someone’s life or putting someone in the hospital within an inch of their lives . It is obviously not a deterrent because this continues to happen .
      If they’re a police officer to Serve and Protect people, this shouldn’t be a problem. If they are police officer only to abuse their power and hide behind a badge, then it will be discovered when they have to wear body cameras while on duty. This is not that hard to figure out, there’s clearly a reason why it hasn’t been implemented at this point in time. There’s no scientific answer or study needed, it’s just a matter of not letting them continue to abuse their power. Seems pretty cut-and-dried to me. Stop making everything that happens like this be about race and make it about accountability and see how that works.

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