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11 Things You'll Only Understand If You Prefer Shots To Cocktails

Some people just prefer shots over beer or a cocktail — and those people are awesome! In fact, Captain Morgan has something just for them: Cannon Blast, a delicious shot perfect for celebrating life.

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1. You secretly judge people who prefer fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas.


Unless you're on a beach or stuck in a tiny rainstorm, there's no reason for those umbrellas to be near your drink.

6. Bartenders love you because you always know just what to order.

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You never just stand there wondering what to order. And they don't have to muddle leaves or use the blender to make you happy.

7. Your friends all think you're secretly judging them for ordering fancy cocktails.

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Really, you just don't put up with nonsense — like fancy cocktails with silly names.

9. And the fact that you'd rather have a shot doesn't mean you're not also super responsible.

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You're actually an expert at balancing your work with friends and family.

Start celebrating life more with Captain Morgan Cannon Blast.

Drink Responsibly, Captains Orders.

CAPTAIN MORGAN CANNON BLAST. Caribbean Rum With Spice And Natural Flavors. 35% Alc/Vol. Captain Morgan Rum Co., Norwalk, CT.

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