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This Real Housewife Traveled To Puerto Rico With Four Private Planes Full Of Supplies And EMTs

A Real Housewife doing some real good.

This is Bethenny Frankel — Skinnygirl mogul, former talk show host, and current Real Housewife of New York City.

In the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria over the past two weeks, Bethenny traveled to Puerto Rico to help out — and brought FOUR private planes filled with supplies and EMTs along for the ride.

“This is a forgotten island,” Bethenny told People. “People have been living on their roofs for 13 days. It is like nothing I have ever seen."

The chartered planes were filled with 20,000 pounds of goods — including food, water, medical supplies, insulin, diapers, and gift cards. Once landed, Bethenny helped distribute the supplies to local communities in need.

In a video posted to Instagram, the reality star noted how dire the situation in Puerto Rico is, and shot back at reports that victims were receiving all the help they need.

Oh, and PS: Once all the supplies had been given out, Bethenny loaded up those planes with cancer patients and other people needing medical attention, and flew them back to the continental US for treatment.

Bethenny paid for the mission through a combination of her own money and donations to her charity, B Strong. She's still accepting donations for relief efforts here.

(It's worth noting that she also flew to Mexico last week to help earthquake victims. This woman is a low-key superhero.)

Love ya, B. Thanks for setting an example for the rest of us.

You can find a list of ways to help victims of Hurricane Maria here.