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    30 Products To Help You Look Presentable When You Have No Time

    "Hey, can you FaceTime in five minutes?" 😳

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An illuminating moisturizer that'll give you that glowing ~lit from within~ complexion — think of it as a subtle highlighter for your whole face. Everyone will be looking at your little square in the next Zoom meeting.

    2. A hydrating fiber cream to quickly get rid of bed head with just a few swipes through your hair. It's a minimal shine formula, so you won't have to worry about looking greasy.

    3. A green primer that might seem intensely pigmented right out of the bottle, but the formula sheers out to blend seamlessly into the skin and reduce any excess redness.

    Reviewer photo showing before and after of using L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

    4. A pack of cooling, hydrating eye gels with hyaluronic acid and collagen you can put on 15 minutes before that early morning weekly meeting, then toss off right before you click on the Google Meet link.

    5. A plant-based dry shampoo that will become a lifesaver when you wake up way too late to take a shower. Simply apply a few sprays of this unscented formula on your roots and comb through to absorb excess oil and refresh your hair.

    6. A bestselling eyebrow pencil with a helpful double-ended design. You can fill in your brows in a flash with the angled pencil side, then use the spoolie brush on the other end to smooth everything out.

    Reviewer showing results of using Maybelline brow pencil

    7. A V-neck sweater you can throw over the faded graphic tee you're wearing and fool everyone into thinking you put some effort into your look this morning.

    8. A pearl pendant that's subtle enough to throw on with any top but chic enough to make a bit of a statement. Sometimes a good accessory is all you need to look like you have your life together.

    Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace by Caitlyn Minimalist

    9. A super matte finishing powder to blur the look of pores and mop up excess oil without making you look dull and flat. This will be a new staple in your pre-FaceTime routine.

    10. A tinted lip balm to give your lips a touch of color and add a bit of moisture at the same time. The formula is pretty sheer, so you can easily swipe it on even if you don't have a mirror handy.

    11. Or this un-tinted organic lip serum that uses hyaluronic acid and avocado oil to moisturize your lips that are probably dried out from all that coffee you had this morning.

    Model applying Leovard Lip Luster Hyaluronic Acid Lip Serum

    12. A super soft polo that's basically the definition of business-casual thanks to the dressy striped design and the comfortable knit fabric.

    13. An easy-to-use eye balm stick with a refreshing cooling sensation that will instantly wake you up and smooth out the look of tired eyes. Nobody will suspect you only got three hours of sleep after doing a deep-dive into the #FreeBritney movement.

    Model applying Tula Skincare eye balm

    14. A velvet scrunchie with a cute leopard print for the times you want to add an eye-catching touch to your work-from-home wardrobe. And yes, scrunchies are 100% back in style — so rock that ponytail with zero shame!

    15. This stunning pair of handmade earrings that will draw attention to you in the best way possible.

    16. A blend of rosehip, argan, and coconut oils you can use in your hair to easily tame frizz and flyaways while giving your strands a salon-worthy shine.

    17. A linked pendant necklace to create the illusion that you're holding everything together when you actually wore the same pair of pajamas all weekend.

    18. This genius cardigan that has the work-friendly look of a blazer but the couch-friendly feel of your favorite sweater. It'll dress up literally anything you throw it on, even that Chipotle-stained T-shirt you've been working-from-bed in.

    19. A Maybelline Dark Circles Treatment Concealer for when you need to fool everyone into thinking you got a full night's sleep, when in reality you were just rewatching Bridgerton for the hundredth time.

    20. An innovative tinted treatment that's basically an eye cream and concealer in one. It has hyaluronic acid to add extra moisture, and just enough tint to provide some nice natural coverage that doesn't require much blending.

    21. A two-in-one facial serum and oil hybrid to hydrate and give you that glowing (but not greasy!) "glass skin" look we've all been trying to achieve. It just might become your new staple for no-makeup days.

    22. A pack of knotted stretchy headbands that are ridiculously inexpensive, but might just become the standout part of your look.

    23. A pair of classic hoop earrings you'll want to have on standby to add a little sparkle to your look.

    24. A waterproof eyeliner stamp to help you achieve the impossible: creating the perfect winged liner on the very first try.

    25. A hair finishing stick with a unique mascara-like applicator to keep flyaways and cowlicks at bay when you don't have time to mess around with creams or serums.

    Before and after photo of a reviewer using the stick. Before using their hair is frizzy all over and after using their hair is smooth with very few flyaways

    26. Coty Airspun loose face power to quickly mop up excess oil and keep your makeup looking flawless all day. It's basically FaceTune in a portable package.

    27. A breathable hair wrap reviewers say is super soft, versatile, and easy to throw on when you're in a hurry thanks to the stretchy jersey fabric.

    28. A tube of clump-free and and cruelty-free mascara for when you need the look of false lashes but simply don't have the time to fumble around with lash glue.

    Reviewer photo showing results of using mascara

    29. A ridiculously chic turtleneck to add a dash of drama to the one part of your outfit your co-workers can actually see.

    30. And a chunky scarf that's big enough to hide the fact that you're still wearing the same shirt you slept in.

    You magically getting ready in less than five minutes before your next meeting:

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