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    26 DIYs That Will Help You Completely Own Cottage Season

    Bring it on, summer.

    1. Up-cycle an old pallet for this perfectly rustic coffee cup holder.

    One Little Bird Blog / Via

    Hang whimsical mugs for extra charm.

    Find instructions at One Little Bird.

    2. Repurpose an old oar for this incredibly cute towel hanger.

    The Picket Fence Projects / Via

    Perfect for a cottage bathroom. Shark bath mitt optional (though recommended for cuteness).

    Find instructions at The Picket Fence Projects.

    3. Never be far from a cool drink again with this handy (and gorgeous) deck cooler.

    Shannon and Jim Fox / Via

    Because cold drinks and a hot summer day go together like...well...cold drinks and a hot summer day.

    Get the instructions from Shannon and Jim Fox here.

    4. Direct people where to go with this charming rustic sign.

    Kristi Dominguez / Via

    No cottage would be complete without it.

    Find instructions from I Should Be Mopping The Floor.

    5. Turn an old chandelier into a pretty planter.

    Roeshel / Via

    Add some colour to your garden with this easy painting project.

    Find the instructions at DIY Show Off.

    6. Recycle a rusted licence plate into a toilet paper holder.

    Donna / Via

    Practical and full of character.

    Get the instructions at Funky Junk Interiors.

    7. Bring the forest inside with this easy Ikea mirror hack.

    Jaime Costiglio / Via

    Very woodland-whimsical.

    Find the instructions at That's My Letter.

    8. Salvage an old ladder for rustic-chic shelving.

    Angie Chavez / Via

    It's like Restoration Hardware know...real.

    Find inspiration at Knick Of Time Interiors.

    9. Do you have a bunch of old kitchen nick-nacks hanging around your cottage? Turn them into a beautiful piece of art.

    Kendra Joyner / Via

    Loving this vintage cottage feel.

    Find instructions at Creative Ambitions.

    10. Give your cottage doors a country facelift.

    Jenna Sue Design / Via

    With this easier-than-you'd-think rustic DIY.

    Find the instructions at Jenna Sue Design.

    11. Use a little twine, a couple balloons, and a strand of fairy lights to make these twinkling lanterns.

    Katrina Tauchen / Via

    Outdoor ambience achieved.

    Find instructions at Splash of Something.

    12. Turn a few mason jars into a cottage-ready organizer.

    DIY Playbook / Via

    Perfect for the bathroom but could also be used to store odds and ends in the kitchen.

    Find instructions at DIY Playbook.

    13. Make yourself a moose friend out of wood scraps.

    Debbie Christianson / Via

    What Canadian cottage would be complete without a moose?

    Find instructions at Painted Therapy.

    14. Grill in style with a DIY grill set holder.

    Kristyn Merkley / Via

    Keep your tools organized AND look great doing it.

    Find instructions at Lil'Luna.

    15. Wine glasses at the cottage? Yes, please—especially when you have this ingenious rake wine glass holder.

    Dana Pugh / Via

    So cool and so simple to make.

    Find instructions at Tattered Style.

    16. Finally have a place to hang all those wet towels with this awesome PVC towel rack.

    Melissa Coleman / Via

    Keep the lake outside this summer.

    Find instructions at This Girl's Life.

    17. Or, if PVC isn't your thing, make this funky door towel hanger.

    Natalie Dixon / Via

    A pretty place to hang your towels and suits.

    Find the instructions at A Turtle's Life For Me.

    18. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can make your own patio table with built-in coolers.

    Kruse's Workshop / Via

    Never go to the fridge for a cold drink again.

    Find instructions at Remodelaholic.

    19. Invite the birds over with this incredibly cute DIY bird feeder.

    Erin Morey

    Bird watch from the patio.

    Find instructions at Erin's Creative Energy.

    20. Bring the outdoors inside with these lovely birch candle holders.

    Jeran McConnel / Via

    Perfect rustic ambience.

    Find instructions at Oleander and Palm.

    21. Be thrifty and stylish with these easy tree branch curtain rods.

    Lauren Lowe / Via

    All it takes is a walk in the forest.

    Find instructions at The Burlap Bag.

    22. Repurpose an old trampoline into the BEST SWING EVER.

    Kristie Wolfe / Via

    Never coming inside again.

    Find instructions at Tiny House On The Prairie.

    23. Stop losing your sunglasses with this cute DIY sunglasses hanger.

    Emily Dalton / Via

    Perfect by the back door.

    Find instructions at Dalton Adventures.

    24. Reuse pallet wood to create the perfect cottage accent wall.

    Chris Carey / Via

    It'll give any room an old-country feel.

    Find instructions at Just A Girl.

    25. Make your cottage garden sparkle with this watering can feature.

    Amanda Formaro / Via

    If only all watering cans poured out crystals.

    Find instructions at Crafts By Amanda.

    26. And finally, keep the bugs at bay with these DIY citronella candles.

    Dusty Rogers / Via

    Because camomile lotion is so last year.

    Find instructions at All Things G&D.

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