Here's What The Universal Monsters Would Look Like Today

    Monster Squad goals.

    Universal recently announced a major reboot of the classic Universal Monsters.

    The first film won't be hitting theaters until at least 2017. So, until then, here's our take on a major monster dreamcast:

    Then: Boris Karloff in his iconic role.

    Now: Idris Elba trumping all as the monster.

    Then: Elsa Lanchester in her iconic role:

    Now: Tilda Swinton killing it as the bride.

    Then: Bela Lugosi as the classic vampire.

    Now: Sebastian Stan slaying the look and hearts everywhere.

    Then: Boris Karloff wrapped up in this classic role:

    Now: Amr Waked is spellbinding as the ancient creature.

    Then: Lon Chaney Jr. in the hair-raising role.

    Now: Iwan Rheon as the fur-covered frightener.

    Then: Lon Chaney as the famously tragic character.

    Now: Marion Cotillard shockingly perfect as a female Phantom.

    Then: Ben Chapman in this creature-tastic role.

    Now: Doug Jones done up as the curious creature.

    Then: Claude Rains in his debut film role.

    Now: Johnny Depp completely unrecognizable in the role.