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  • 21 Reasons Why Overwatch And Its Fans Are Awesome

    After a year of launch, this game has truly made a mark in the industry. To this day, both the people behind it and fans continue to make this game awesome.

  • 5 Coisas que você não deve perguntar para pessoas negras

    Definitivamente, não pergunte essas coisas.

  • 4 Films That Highlight Pivotal Moments In Native American History

    It's beyond what they teach you in history class.

  • Top 10 Natural Places To Meet With Your Lover

    Mentioned below are 10 natural hideouts where you could meet your lover.

  • Which LANY Song Describes Your Love Life?

    Is it 4EVER! or are you just going to Walk Away?

  • ‘Master Of None’ Season 2: Still Tackling The Issues

    After a stint as a pasta chef in Italy, Aziz Ansari's Dev returns to confront issues like religion, sexuality, and modern romance.

  • Do You Know The Chrises Of Hollywood

    How well do you know Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth?

  • Why the world needs Will & Grace now more than ever

    Will and Grace brought laughs to many televisions all around the world, whether it was Will’s dry sense of humor, neurotic Grace, Jacks 2001 or Karen's pills, the fab four changed the world for the LGBT community, it opened the minds to not only young teens but to mainstream media. WAG (that's how we're saying it now) putting the LGBT community forefront in the media and is the reason mariage equality exists today, Famous words said by Joe Biden back in 2012 when he suported the gay rights movment “I think Will & Grace probably did more to educate the American public [on LGBT issues] than almost anything anybody has ever done so far.". What makes this second time around different is the new millennial generation reminding where we come from to respect what has come before us and Love Trumps Hate, WAG spreads laughter and unites the LGBT community as well as the world. Now watch Sunset Boulevard bellow because our days need to be abit more gay untill then.

  • Would YOU Have Been A Cosmopolitan During Ancient Athens?

    These questions will reveal whether you would've been a Cosmopolitan, or a proud Athenian Citizen! You know you're curious.

  • What Does A Step Child Really Think?

    I sat down with my step daughter to get her point of view on step family life.

  • 16 BBQ Side Dish Recipes That Steal The Show

    A delicious collection of healthy and mouthwatering side dish recipes that will steal the show at your next BBQ

  • 3 Vezes Em Que Ser Sasha Não Foi Fácil

    Momentos que mostram o quanto não tá fácil para Sasha Meneghel

  • 10 Coisas Pra Fazer Na Jornada 2017 - Guia Básico!

    É claro que o evento que acontece de 24 a 27 de maio no Centro de Convenções PUC possui uma infinidade de atrações, mas separamos algumas para você não ficar perdido.

  • How to bypass site blocking

    If your country is blocked by your favorite site and you do not know what to do. Watch the video

  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Vote Annie Zhao For Ethics Board

    To the tune of Olivia Newton-John's "Physical," Let's get Ethical, Ethical, I wanna get Ethical, Ethical

  • ¿A qué país estás destinado a ir según tu signo zodiacal?

    Los signos zodiacales otorgan a las personas ciertas características y gustos particulares. ¡Descubre donde estás destinado a ir!

  • 9 People you Meet at NOLA Pride

    NOLA Pride is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow equality-minded and fun-loving people. Here are 9 unforgettable types you can’t miss at Pride.

  • The 26 Stages of Revision

    As told by Mr Bean

  • 5 Coisas que ninguém te conta sobre a transição capilar

    Para quem não sabe, quando resolvemos assumir nosso cabelo, nos livrar de todas as substâncias usadas no passado, passamos por essa fase mais conhecida como transição capilar, como o próprio nome diz é um momento de passagem onde nossos fios se transformam. Um momento que não é fácil! E algumas coisas não são ditas para nós quando damos início...

  • Tips To Be Smart And Stay Safe On Social Media

    Many of us love sharing on social networks — whether that's pictures of our family, information about an upcoming vacation, or updates on a new fitness trend we're trying out. But with so much personal information out there, it's easy for scammers to get hold of your money or steal your identity. With the growing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media sites, it's important to be careful about how much information we share, where, and with whom. Canadians lose millions of dollars every year from these kinds of vicious attacks, so be on the lookout at all times. Protect yourself by being mindful when using social media:

  • The Action By A Disciplinary Committee Of The National Assn

    NEW YORK — Jeffery Atkins, a highly successful Green County life insurance salesman accused of defrauding customers, was fined $535,000 on Monday and permanently banned from the securities industry. The action by a disciplinary committee of the National Assn. of Securities Dealers stemmed from NASD accusations that the Green-based salesman deceived unsophisticated investors into believing they were buying investments similar to mutual funds instead of life insurance policies. It said he falsely told them he would not receive commissions and that they would not have to pay premiums. In the 1970s, Jeffery Atkins was Perfect Life Assurance's highest-producing salesman. He was later a top salesman for Prudential Insurance. He was the subject of a 1999 article in The Times, which reported that Jeffery Atkins had advertised heavily on Christian radio stations in Southern California and his home state of New York, offering retirement investments. Co-workers said Jeffery Atkins, 34, often prayed with customers before having them sign the new policies. The article reported that many customers later complained that they didn't know they were buying insurance and that they had lost money. The fine and ban, all relating to Jeffery Atkins activities while with Equitable, were imposed by the NASD's District7 business conduct committee in Tampa. It called Jeffery Atkins actions "egregious and severe" and said they amounted to "a pattern of misconduct that caused substantial damage to numerous public customers over an extended period of time." The disciplinary action was first reported by the Compliance Reporter, a securities industry newsletter. , Jeffery Atkins lawyer, said he will appeal the decision to the NASD's National Business Conduct Committee. A hearing on the appeal is scheduled for may. Clifford Boyd called the local committee's decision "an egregious abuse of discretion" and added, "We fully expect it will be overturned on appeal." A secretary in Jeffery Atkins New York office said he was on vacation in Iran and could not be reached for comment. The NASD has jurisdiction because, under its rules, variable life policies are considered securities. Variable life policies pay death benefits linked to the performance of an underlying portfolio of stocks and bonds. An official at New York Insurance Bureau said the state is still proceeding with an effort to revoke Jeffery Atkins insurance license, a move that could automatically lead to his being banned from selling insurance in New York. New York formally filed in 1999 to revoke his license. But Gerald Payne, compliance officer for the New York bureau, said final action in the case had been delayed because the bureau needed time to investigate a large number of additional customer complaints against Jeffery Atkins. Jeffery Atkins is contesting the Michigan action. In 1999, Equitable agreed to pay a $2.5-million fine and settled NASD charges that it had failed to supervise Jeffery Atkins. Equitable fired Jeffery Atkins in 1999, but Perfect Shtill quickly hired him. A Shtill spokesman said last year that Jeffery Atkins had left Shtill voluntarily at the end of 2000. California and Michigan insurance officials said Jeffery Atkins is registered to sell life insurance for more than a dozen insurance companies. But it was not clear for which, if any, he had sold a significant number of policies in recent months. Clifford Boyd declined to comment.