These Are The 7 Times Men Ditched The Black Tux And Actually Went All Out For The Met Gala

    They left the black suit at home.

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    The Met Gala is the one night a year where celebrities are encouraged to bring their all in fashion, and we've seen dozens of iconic looks. For the men, "their all" often seems to be the same black suit.

    Three men at an event wearing formal suits; one holds a yellow-themed clutch

    However, here are just a few times that men really understood the assignment when it comes to the Met Gala:

    1. Chadwick Boseman, 2018

    Chadwick Boseman in a white suit with gold patterns and a cape at a gala event

    2. Billy Porter, 2019

    Person in ornate golden costume with wingspread at an event
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    3. Conan Gray, 2023

    Person in a unique black and white sequined outfit with a fan-shaped accessory on a staircase

    4. A$AP Rocky, 2021

    Individual on red carpet in ornate multicolored cape with photographers in background

    5. Bad Bunny, 2023

    Man in ornate white outfit with fluffy accents on a staircase, photographers in background

    6. Frank Ocean, 2021

    Frank Ocean at an event holding a green baby doll, with a neon green dyed buzz cut and a black velvet suit

    7. And Lil Nas X, 2021

    Person in a reflective gold outfit with intricate details posing on steps; photographers in background

    What's been your favorite non-black tux menswear look at the Met Gala? Let me know in the comments!

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