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  • Which Sarcolemmal Are You?

    Everyone is a winner unless you get Kevin.

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  • Which Taylor Swift Song Is Actually About Your Love Life?

    We were both young when I first saw you...

  • Are You Mer Or Padya Or Mer Or Liz?

    Which twin in a pair of twins are you?

  • 5 Best Back-To-Basics Toys You Missed On The 2017 Late Late Toy Show

    The Late Late Toy Show just aired and it was the best one yet. It was also the most popular Irish show of the whole year, with more than 1.3 million viewers. To be fair, I’m not one for tech toys. I like the ones that inspire creative play or that will be used over and over again, rather than a lot of what’s on the market today. Host Ryan Tubridy did a fantastic job, as always, and there were something like 300 different toys featured over the course of two hours. So, if you didn’t get to see the show, and don’t have time to watch it all, I’ll break down my five favorites and save you some time.

  • A potentially dangerous asteroid will approach the Earth

    A potentially dangerous asteroid 3200 Phaethon will approach the Earth. This is reported by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). At the minimum distance to the planet (10 312 040 kilometers), the heavenly body will fit on December 17, 2017 at 02:00 Moscow time. You can monitor the position of 3200 Phaethon in real time on At the time of writing, the asteroid was more than 10.4 million kilometers from Earth. The heavenly body does not pose a danger to the Earth. Its largest in the XXI century rapprochement with the planet (at a distance of 2,964,000 kilometers) should occur on December 14, 2093. Potentially dangerous astronomical objects include celestial bodies with a diameter of more than one hundred meters, which cross the Earth's orbit at a distance of less than 0.05 astronomical units (approximately 7,479,894 kilometers or 19.5 distances from Earth to the Moon).

  • Who Are You In Room #1102??

    Just six semi-normal girls in Heritage Halls, all with their own unique personality. Which one are you most like?

  • Can You Tell If These 2017 News Stories Are Real Or If We Came Up With Them By Playing Mad Libs?

    2017 was as crazy a year for journalism as it was a groundbreaking one. Can you tell if these headlines are true stories from the past year or if we made them up by playing Mad Libs?

  • 3 Events That Exposed Racism Recently In America

    In the short story Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, racism is a theme or topic that is seen more than once. When Walter and his family were looking to move out into a different neighborhood they were notified that the area was mostly white. Walter made a scene within his family saying he thinks it’s for the best if they didn’t move out into that neighborhood but he surprised them when he told Mr. Lidner, who was part of the “welcoming committee in Clybourne Park, that him and his family will be moving into the neighborhood regardless of what the whites think. Walter’s mother was the one who bought the house with the money they had left and she made sure to tell them she did the best she could even though the houses cost twice as much for colored people as opposed to whites in those dominantly white neighborhoods. Another example of race playing a part in this short story was Walter’s perspective on his own race. He notes that the only thing his race does is moan, pray, and have babies. He was really frustrated at the time and obviously doesn’t want to bash his own people but it shows sometimes you could go against your own. To connect with this theme of racism present in this short story here are some examples of incidents that exhibit racism in recent years.

  • Are You An Empath?

    If you've experienced over half of these things, you may be a little more in tune to people's feelings than you think.

  • Which Member Of Murica Are You?

    Brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue.

  • Which Member Of Phi Mu Alpha Nu 2018 Exec Are You?

    Are you more of a Kathryn Scott or a Katherine Jones?

  • Magento Extensions Have The Potential To Escalate Your Business Success

    Magento is inevitably the most reliable eCommerce platform used all over the globe. To online businesses, it's a highly performing, efficient and flexible technology with huge user involvement. To date, Magento has been deployed by as many as 240,000 online stores through different enterprises. It makes businesses that are highly dynamic, workable and promotional.

  • Two Kinds Of Christianity

    Christianity can mean a couple different things and it depends on what meaning we are using as to how I feel about it. If, when talking about being a Christian, we mean we are following Christ, acting like Christ and living like Christ, I am all for being called a Christian.

  • 6 Quick Security Tips For Your Browsers

    Are you still puzzled to find the answer for most secure browser? Then you must go through these easy security fixes, no matter which browser you are using.

  • What Do I Mean When I Say Christian?

    Christianity can mean a couple different things and it depends on what meaning we are using as to how I feel about it. If, when talking about being a Christian, we mean we are following Christ, acting like Christ and living like Christ, I am all for being called a Christian.

  • My Recent Finding On Headphone Surround Sound

    Surround With Spatial Sound Card

  • My Top Songs Of 2017

    Here are some of the standout tracks from 2017. Songs range from chart toppers, house and deep vocal, and the always campy but memorable Eurovision tracks.

  • Day 15

    don't know how to hang on

  • New Thriller Brings Awareness To Bipolar Disorder

    Inspired by true events, Donovan seeks to bring awareness around bipolar disorder and its affects on the relationships of everyone involved.

  • I Relapsed

    Addiction is a pain, but you're not alone

  • 4 Simple Tips For Healthy & Youthful Skin

    Whenever we talk about skin care products, it always includes sunscreen lotions or creams or a gentle cleanser for keeping your pores clean and making your skin healthy, fresh and glowing. In our busy lives, we all have very less time for having skin treatments and facials. But, there are some skin care products which we could use on a daily basis quite easily. By taking good care of your skin and adopting a healthy lifestyle, you could delay the natural process of aging and prevent yourself from various skin problems. Here in this article, we have discussed various tips that could help you in taking good care of your skin.

  • What Type Of Person At A Party Are You?

    Let's see what type of person you are. Do you hang out with the dog, do you like to get tipsy, do you love to sing along, or do you not like to party at all? Take the test to find out.

  • Complicated Clarity: A Search For Mindfulness

    It's so easy to avoid facing the things that we want to run away from, especially when we have so much going on around us. But...maybe it's worth it to filter things out.

  • 18 Gifts For The Harry Potter Obsessed!

    I’ve personally read all the Harry Potter books about three times, and I’m currently listening to the audiobooks while I work out each day. (It’s been a great motivator; it’s hard to get off the treadmill when there’s an intense round of Wizard’s Chess happening) I’ve been a fan from day one and I know there are other Potterheads like me who will love these fun and unique gifts! Whether you or your loved ones are Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, or Ravenclaws, you are sure to find something here that is perfect! All products are ready to order! Click on any words with * to be taken to the order page!

  • Trump, Bannon, Gingrich Lead Long Republican Sex Misconduct List

    As lists of Democrats accused of sexual misconduct crop up, here is one on the GOP