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    The Best TV Shows We've Watched In 2022 (So Far)

    From The Bear to Abbott Elementary, here's what BuzzFeed's Streaming Team loved during the first half of the year.

    1. Abbott Elementary

    a group of teachers in a school library

    2. Atlanta (Season 3)

    a smiling man and a woman with a skeptical look on her face stand next to each other

    3. Barry (Season 3)

    an old man, a middle-aged man, and a child sit on a couch

    4. The Bear

    three men in a restaurant kitchen

    5. Better Things (Season 5)

    a woman and her three teenage daughters in a kitchen

    6. Catherine Cohen: The Twist...? She's Gorgeous

    a woman speaking into a mic with a book open

    7. Couples Therapy (Season 3)

    a couple sitting on a couch with a therapist in front of them

    8. The Dropout

    a man and a woman sit in an office

    9. Euphoria (Season 2)

    teenagers sit on a lawn

    10. I Love That for You

    people standing by a rack of pants

    11. Jerrod Carmichael: Rothaniel

    a man onstage talking into a mic

    12. Killing It

    three men standing by the woods

    13. Old Enough!

    a very young child picking out flowers in a grocery store

    14. Pachinko

    a woman and a man look up as the man holds a baby

    15. Peaky Blinders (Season 6)

    a man walks by a harbor

    16. The Righteous Gemstones (Season 2)

    four people stand on a beach

    17. RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars (Season 7)

    a group of drag queens onstage

    18. Russian Doll (Season 2)

    a woman and a man stand in a subway station with a baby looking concerned

    19. Severance

    a man and a woman look at a each other in front of an elevator

    20. Shining Girls

    a woman looking suspiciously at something

    21. Somebody Somewhere

    a man and a woman smile at each other in a church

    22. Starstruck (Season 2)

    four people sit in a diner and laugh

    23. Survivor (Season 42)

    three people sitting on a log of wood outside

    24. Under the Banner of Heaven

    two men in suits stand together and look at something

    25. WeCrashed

    a man and a woman hold hands in an office

    26. Would It Kill You to Laugh?

    a man and a woman sit on a couch, eating ice cream