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    The 10 Best TV And Film Opening Credits From 2022 (So Far)

    No. I do not want to "skip intro."

    Between network television largely axing theme songs, Netflix slapping the "skip intro" button on every opening, and movies bumping credits to the end, we've been going through a drought when it comes to good title sequences. Seemingly, however, Hollywood execs did a little brainstorming during lockdown and decided 2022 was the optimal time to bring back fun, musical opening credits. Apple TV+ seems to be leading the way, uninhibited by the added two minutes to each episode, but plenty of other networks (and even a few films) have decided to reclaim the magical feature. Perhaps the entrancing Succession title score is to thank? Maybe this is a delayed revelation from the power of the Game of Thrones opener? Or could it be that enough millennials now work in Hollywood to convince studios of the grip the Suite Life of Zack and Cody theme had on us all?

    The answer as to why great opening credit sequences are back may remain a mystery, but what we do know is that 2022 has provided a boon of great title sequences. Here are some of my favorites so far: 

    1. After Yang

    The cast dances during the opening credits

    2. The Gilded Age

    The main title credits

    3. How I Met Your Father

    The full cast of "How I Met Your Father" in its opening

    4. Inventing Anna

    The Instagram images and title card at the beginning of "Inventing Anna"

    5. Jackass Forever

    Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O being introduced in the opening of "Jackass Forever"

    6. Pachinko

    The cast of Pachinko dance down the aisle of a pachinko parlor

    7. Peacemaker

    The cast of Peacemaker perform a group dance

    8. Severance

    Clones of Adam Scott and the title card of "Severance"

    9. WeCrashed

    A large unicorn in an office and the title card for "WeCrashed"

    10. Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

    A montage of moments from Lakers history in the opening

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