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This Is What Happens When Two Competitive Friends Go On Vacation

The game is on. Who will come out victorious?

23 BuzzFeed Mememories I Will Never Forget

This content is really just for 40+ year old Chris Unera to prove to his kids that he was moderately cool back in the day...

Chris Unera 2 years ago

This Adorable Puppy Photo Shoot Is Vacation Goals

Puppies + vacation wear = what dreams are made of.

What Level Would You Get To If Vacationing Were A Video Game?

Level up your vacation and book your next one with Carnival Cruise today!

63 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Packing For Vacation

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12 Barbers And Stylists You Should Follow For Great Hair Inspo

Changing your look may take a couple of hours, but in 15 minutes you can save 15% or more on your insurance with GEICO. Click here to learn more.

11 Picturesque Places In Wyoming Perfect For Any Outdoor Enthusiast

Explore the terrain and your career options as you embark on your next adventure to the University of Wyoming.

Interns Share How To Nail Your First Internship

Let Johnson & Wales help you match with the perfect internship. Apply today!

We Turned Sporting Goods Shopping Into A Sport

Bring your A game this holiday season and mark off all the items on your holiday shopping list at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What Kind Of Sports Parent Are You?

Nothing will compare to the memories of watching your child compete in sports. Equip them with the best this holiday season at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Which College Mascot Is Your Soulmate?

CHOBANI MEZÉ® DIPS + your college game day = <3 Soulmates <3.

13 Things You Could Actually Buy If You Didn't Have Student Loan Debt

Fifty-five percent of University of Wyoming Students graduate with $0 student loan debt. Get the best value for your college education and explore the University of Wyoming today!

13 Winter Struggles That Are All Too Real

Ugh, how many more days 'til spring?!

10 Pieces Of Miami You Can Actually Experience At Sea

Experience the 305 when you're aboard the brand-new Carnival Vista.

We Tried Learning By The Books Vs. Learning By Doing

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11 Reasons Black Friday Is An Actual Workout

Burn those Thanksgiving calories off with a Black Friday workout. Stay hydrated all day with Pedialyte.

I Let My Girlfriend "Remote-Control" Me For A Week

Remote-control the temperature in your house this winter season by getting a Honeywell Lyric™ T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat.