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11 Lectures Every Filipino-American Has Definitely Heard Growing Up

No galavanting around!

Growing up in a Filipino household, it's more likely than not that your parents gave you one of these lectures...

1. When they stressed the importance of education:

2. When they included a superstition that made NO SENSE:

"Don't sleep with wet hair you'll go blind." #growingupfilipino #likewhatt

3. When they gave you nightmares about mumus and Aswang:

4. When they showed you how to respect elders:

5. When they shared their stance on dietary moderation:

6. When they talked about galavanting with your friends:

7. When they instructed you how to properly cook rice:

8. When they started with life advice and ended with "Bahala ka sa buhay mo!"

9. When they taught you how you were related to [INSERT COUSIN/TITO/TITA HERE}:

10. When they emphasized making money with a job with benefits and job security:

11. When they stressed being practical and learning to save money:

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