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63 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Packing For Vacation

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  2. I should really start packing.

  3. Ugh, why do I always wait 'til the last minute to pack?

  4. My rollaway is plenty for one week; I won’t need to check any luggage. Yesss!

  5. Where did I put that rollaway again?

  6. OK, found it! Here. We. Go.

  • First things first: seven days. So that’s seven pairs of underwear, right?

  • Aaand maybe a few backup pairs.

  • Where is that outfit I bought specifically for this trip?

  • This is definitely an Insta-worthy outfit.

  • Should I take the tags off?

  • Let me try it on one more time.


  • I should really google the weather

  • Ohh, look! Ryan and Amanda just got engaged.

  • Rain?! There goes some much needed luggage real estate for a lousy rain jacket.

  • I should pack some sunscreen.

  • How many milliliters are in a fluid ounce?

  • Seriously!? The ONLY bottle of sunscreen I have is over the liquid limit.

  • Or should I just buy some there? Nahhhhhhhh...

  • Looks like I need to check a luggage now.

  • Where did I put that luggage again?

  • *opens luggage* SO this is where that swimsuit was the whole time.

  • Note to self: P-A-S-S-P-O-R-T. Please remember.

  • I’ve worn the same pair of shoes all week, but I’ll pack three different pairs just in case.

  • Does bug spray expire? This is definitely from three years ago but….

  • Late-night snack break? I'm technically already on vacation.

  • I should definitely pack the three books I started six months ago. Maybe I’ll actually have the time to finish one.

  • Let’s just check to see if this is over the weight limit.

  • *fingers crossed* 50 pounds. 50 pounds. No whammies. No whammies.

  • How is this 15 pounds over the limit?!

  • Looks like checked luggage AND rollaway it is.

  • Do. Not. Forget. Your. Passport.

  • What if I get cold? I should pack layers.

  • I should pack a hat to be sensible. I wish I was a hat person.

  • Hmm, maybe I can squeeze some extra socks into the front pocket. And also this bottle of shampoo. And maybe another book?

  • Should I leave room for duty-free gifts?

  • I need to brush my teeth in the morning. Do I just pack my toothbrush now and dig it out in the morning? Or do I pack it in the morning after I brush my teeth?

  • Should I bother packing workout clothes?

  • Am I really going to use the gym?

  • OK, let’s make sure we have everything.

  • Underwear? Check. Socks? Check. Swimwear? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Formal wear? Check. Phone Charger. PHONE CHARGER!

  • Will there be towels? I guess I’ll pack one just in case.

  • Okay, my suitcase won’t close; the towel has to go.

  • Let’s try and close this.

  • There should be an app where people come pack your luggage for vacation.

  • BOOM! $100 million idea right there.

  • There’s nothing fragile in here. I can def put my knee right here to close this shut.

  • This would be so much easier if someone could just sit on top.

  • Come on, zipper. We can do it.

  • YES! Finally! OK, let’s check the weight one last time.

  • Honestly, how is this 60 pounds?

  • What don’t I need?

  • Looks like this book needs to go.

  • And this fifth pair of shorts.

  • And this sweatshirt.

  • OK, I think that will do it.

  • 50 pounds! Let’s gooooooooooo!

  • Cannot wait to get on this cruise tomorrow!

  • How is it 1 a.m.?!

  • Def not leaving it to the last minute next time.

  • OK, let’s get out of here! Vacation, here I come!

  • Crap, I think I left my passport on the table.
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