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We Turned Sporting Goods Shopping Into A Sport

Bring your A game this holiday season and mark off all the items on your holiday shopping list at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What Kind Of Sports Parent Are You?

Nothing will compare to the memories of watching your child compete in sports. Equip them with the best this holiday season at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

11 GIFs That Will Motivate You To Work Out

Here's some #GIFspo for a little #FITspo.

10 Workouts We Can Learn From Babies

We will never be babies again. HOWEVER, we can learn a thing or two from their determination, flexibility, and brute strength. Are you fitter than a baby?

The Definitive Ranking Of Mom Workouts

Mom, you go Glen Coco! Here is some undeniable proof that the heroic warrior princess inside of you is constantly a-burnin' up. It IS possible to stay fit throughout the insanity that is your life.

15 Ways To Stay Active Without Going To The Gym

Sometimes the gym is the worst — but don't let that affect your health. Think outside the box to stay fit, and pick up some must-have equipment from Dick's Sporting Goods to make your next workout more fun.