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10 Workouts We Can Learn From Babies

We will never be babies again. HOWEVER, we can learn a thing or two from their determination, flexibility, and brute strength. Are you fitter than a baby?

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1. Core Twists

Shake it up, baby!

2. Swimming

Splish, splish, SPLASH!

3. Squats

Boogie on down.

4. Ball Push-Ups

Hopefully yours are filled with air.

5. Ice Skating

Slippery when frozen.

6. Pulling Your Weight

There's an inner Hulk in all of us.

7. Flips

Started from the bottom now you're on a trampoline.

8. Short-Distance Sprints

Don't step on the crack.

9. Headstands

Balance goes a long way.

10. High Jumps

The higher you jump, the happier you'll be.

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