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The Definitive Ranking Of Mom Workouts

Mom, you go Glen Coco! Here is some undeniable proof that the heroic warrior princess inside of you is constantly a-burnin' up. It IS possible to stay fit throughout the insanity that is your life.

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9. Clenching of the butt while taking the stairs up to the office.


Energy burn level: 1-18. Depends on which floor you work on.

Cuteness level: 5 for flats. 17 for heels.

Fun level: 12, because you're listening to the new Robyn song while you do it.

7. Taking Toby for a speed walk around the neighborhood.

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Energy burn level: 14.

Cuteness level: Eternal.

Fun level: 20. Happy dog, happy life.

4. Squeezing in yoga class between PTA and grocery shopping.


Energy burn level: 11.

Cuteness leve:- 5-10. Depends on which tank you put on, and if it has a Gogurt stain on it.

Fun level: 9.

1. Biking with the whole family in tow.

John Carleton / Moment Select / Getty Images

Energy burn level: 5,000.

Cuteness level: 6,000.

Fun level: 7,000. 7,001 if you stop for ice cream.

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