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15 Ways To Stay Active Without Going To The Gym

Sometimes the gym is the worst — but don't let that affect your health. Think outside the box to stay fit, and pick up some must-have equipment from Dick's Sporting Goods to make your next workout more fun.

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4. When you go for a walk, walk briskly.

Power walking is an Olympic sport, so basically you can be an Olympian. People have trained their whole lives for this.

Calories Burned: 374/hour

6. Learn to juggle!

Once you get all those friends, you're going to have to learn to JUGGLE THEM. Right?! Right?!

Calories Burned
: 173/hour

8. Volunteer as a dog walker for a shelter.

Add more dogs to burn more calories.

Calories Burned: 200/dog

For more ways to spice up your workout, head to Dick's Sporting Goods and pick up some gear!

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