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15 Ways To Stay Active Without Going To The Gym

Sometimes the gym is the worst — but don't let that affect your health. Think outside the box to stay fit, and pick up some must-have equipment from Dick's Sporting Goods to make your next workout more fun.

1. Help a friend move.


Helping someone move entitles you to at least 10 favors from them throughout the year.

Calories Burned: 408/hour

2. Do some cleaning!

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Tip: Pretending you're in a movie montage can definitely help make cleaning more fun.

Calories Burned: 200/hour

3. Garden.


How often does one get to use the words "weed whacker" in a sentence? Embrace the opportunity.

Calories Burned: 400/hour

4. When you go for a walk, walk briskly.

Power walking is an Olympic sport, so basically you can be an Olympian. People have trained their whole lives for this.

Calories Burned: 374/hour

5. Have a dance party!


Bonus: Once people see your moves, everyone will want to be your friend.

Calories Burned: 405/hour

6. Learn to juggle!

Once you get all those friends, you're going to have to learn to JUGGLE THEM. Right?! Right?!

Calories Burned
: 173/hour

7. Play sports with friends!


You'll be having so much fun, you won't even notice you're working out.

Calories Burned: 136/game

8. Volunteer as a dog walker for a shelter.

9. Bike to work.

Get a cool helmet, learn some cool tricks, and turn some heads.

Calories Burned: 236/hour

10. Cook!


Chop enough corn, and you'll get triceps to die for.

Calories Burned: 102/hour

11. Embrace fidgeting.


This little gentleman is on the grind every day. Fidgeting burns calories.

Calories Burned: 300-500/day

12. Wash your car by hand instead of heading to the car wash.


Another positive: You can guarantee this will never happen.

Calories Burned: 200/car

13. Sit on a fitness ball at work instead of a chair.


Make your co-workers jealous AND whittle away your core.

Calories Burned: 112/day

14. Pick up an instrument.


You'll be able to impress anyone you meet at a party (assuming the party has a piano).

Calories Burned: 170/hour

15. Say Yes!


When someone invites you to try something new — just try it! You might find the thing that makes you hate fitness less!

For more ways to spice up your workout, head to Dick's Sporting Goods and pick up some gear!