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This Is What Happens When Two Competitive Friends Go On Vacation

The game is on. Who will come out victorious?

First, let's start with the key players...

Photos by Aubree Lennon. Design by Victoria Reyes.

Final thoughts:

Chris: I thought I had this in the bag! I always love a good competition, but it's better when I win! I'm still glad we pushed ourselves to go out and try even more things, especially the food. Then again, maybe that's why I lost...I practically lived at the Fro-yo station. Oops.

Marjorie: Cruisin' for life! Shout out to all those cruisers who helped me win in the end — people are so friendly! Chris had a great start, but competition just runs in my blood. He never really had a shot, let's be honest... ;)

What a tight race — congrats, Marjorie! Want to have an epic scavenger hunt with your BFFs? Book a trip with Carnival and let the fun begin!

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