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14 Unpopular Movie Opinions That You'll Firmly Agree Or Strongly Disagree With

"Is Harry Potter the worst character in the entire franchise?"

If you haven't heard, bestselling author Shea Serrano's newest collaboration with illustrator Arturo Torres, called Movies (and Other Things), is available TODAY.

Each chapter in Movies (and Other Things) answers a movie-related question, like which other high school movie characters would fit Regina's group of friends in Mean Girls, or which Michael B. Jordan performance was most heartbreaking.

Shea chatted with BuzzFeed and discussed some unpopular opinions our readers submitted earlier this year. Not only will you see where he stands on these unpopular opinions, but you can also vote for yourself and voice your thoughts in the comments. To get things started, Shea provided his own hot take/unpopular opinion.

1. Unpopular opinion: Fast & Furious is the best movie franchise that's ever been created.

2. Unpopular opinion: Harry Potter is the worst character in the entire franchise.

3. Unpopular opinion: Cady is the real villain of Mean Girls.

4. Unpopular opinion: Cast Away is boring.

5. Unpopular opinion: Pitch Perfect didn't deserve a sequel.

6. Unpopular opinion: Thomas J. got what he had coming in My Girl.

7. Unpopular opinion: Aladdin is the worst Disney film.

8. Unpopular opinion: Interstellar is boring.

9. Unpopular opinion: Inception is pretentious, complicated, and boring.

10. Unpopular opinion: Jared Leto is a great Joker in Suicide Squad.

11. Unpopular opinion: The Avengers franchise is overrated.

12. Unpopular opinion: 300 is a pile of trash.

13. Unpopular opinion: A Star Is Born is a major disappointment.

14. One last unpopular opinion: Elf isn't even remotely funny.