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17 Sad, Knockoff Halloween Costumes That Truly Missed The Mark

You've heard of Stranger Things, but what about "Unusual Events"?

1. This "Potter Teacher Wizard Boy" costume that's supposed to be Dumbledore but honestly looks more like Gandalf.

2. This Clueless costume that thinks it's being clever by labeling itself "Notionless."

3. This fraudulent Aladdin look that looks terrible but is cleverly labeled "A-Lad-In a Costume."

4. This Linda Belcher costume that has the nerve to call itself "Supportive Burger Wife."

5. This "District Girl" wig that's supposed to look like Katniss from The Hunger Games trilogy.

6. This versatile costume that can be Neo from The Matrix (aka Cyber Man) or..."Padre."

7. This costume that had the audacity to call Waldo "the Stripey Dude."

8. This costume that called Papa Smurf "Blue Gnome Father."

9. This wig that labels Edward from Twilight "Night Time Romeo."

10. This costume that called its Harley Quinn look "Dangerous Girl."

11. This costume that could've simply said "Prince" but went with "80s Purple Musician" instead.

12. This costume named "the Purple Artist" isn't much better.

13. This Super Mario costume branded as "Heroic Maria."

14. This costume that just says, "Brave Warrior America," which is more of a broken sentence than an actual name.

15. This costume for Beetlejuice that's not so creatively labeled "Juice Demon."

16. This costume that renamed Despicable Me minions "Mischievious Worker."

17. And finally, the strangest thing you'll see — this "Unusual Events" wig.

H/T r/crappyoffbrands.