28 Reasons To Worship Louise Brealey, AKA Molly From “Sherlock”

From a love of treehouses to touching Benedict Cumberbatch’s armpit hair – Louise Brealey is one awesome lady. Plus, SHE’S MOLLY HOOPER. SPOILERS for series three!

This is Louise Brealey.

BBC/Hartswood Films

But you probably know her as Molly from Sherlock.

Louise is basically one of the coolest women on the planet, and she is also the Dream Best Mate you never even knew you wanted. But trust me, after reading this, you will be so in love with Louise you will become the Molly to her Sherlock.

Behold the 28 reasons why we should all worship Louise Brealey!

1. She made Steven Moffat break his own rules.

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ first rule when writing Sherlock was to never introduce a regular character that wasn’t in the Doyle books – but Louise was so brilliant as Molly they changed their minds. Louise, 1; Moffat, 0.

2. She tweets photos of things like baby flying foxes wrapped in blankets.

3. As well as behind-the-scenes Sherlock gems like this – but only when Twitter is on its best behaviour.

Since you've all been so nice - apart from the odd man who wanted to fuck me in half - here's Rupert in Una's hat.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

4. In addition to being an actor, she’s also a journalist and editor.

Oh, and copywriter.

5. And her journalistic highlights are basically more exciting than anything else you’ve ever done.

Interviews with Drew Barrymore, Helena Bonham Carter and Liv Tyler?!

6. Oh, and she’s also a playwright!

National Youth Theatre / Via nyt.org.uk

She wrote The Legend of Pope Joan, you know, in her spare time.

7. She has the best birthdays.

Benedict just let me fiddle with his damp hair as a birthday treat. Apparently you have to 'twist and diffuse'. Gulp.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

8. She understands the undeniable power that is Una Stubbs (aka Mrs Hudson).

When I grow up I want to be Una Stubbs.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

9. She’s a feminist!

10. And a fan of feminist rocks.

Stones thrown by Suffragettes through Parliament's windows a hundred years ago. (via @thefworduk)

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

11. She’s not afraid to says things like this in interviews.

“I think Page 3, Nuts and Zoo are bullshit. I don’t wax my pubic hair off. I don’t think working in a titty bar getting fivers shoved up your bum is empowering. And I’m bored of pictures of women in their smalls on buses with fuck-me mouths.”

12. And she loves J-Law. Obvs.

I love Jennifer Lawrence. #fuckthethighgap #eatmorepies (via @ferdosnandos & @RosieWyatt)

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

13. She can also preach.

I wish I could have back the hours, days and weeks that I must've wasted worrying about my 'big' thighs. Don't do it, kids. #fuckthethighgap

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)


Right. I'll try that again... Just seen @Weightwatchers ad in which woman says she's closer to her daughter now she's thin. Jesus. #2013

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

14. She is more than happy to discuss the many times she’s touched Benedict Cumberbatch.

See you next time... #Sherlock

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

15. For example, when she got to slap Benedict right across his beautiful face.

At one point filming the slapping bit I may have got confused and done a stage slap (they involve slapping your own hand).

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

I may also have slapped the end of Benedict's nose.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

So much slapping.

16. She’s also revealed in an interview that she did “touch his armpit hair once.”

Admit it, you’d go there.

17. And, most importantly, she discussed THE KISS like a pro.


Lots of you asking about how #Sherlocksnogs... Yes he kissed nice. It was all very thrilling. You know, WITH THE WINDOW SMASHING AND THAT.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

Four takes, since you're asking. *professional face* IT WAS TRICKY TO GET RIGHT #SherlockLives #SherlockSnogs

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

You naughty girls. I love that you all appear to be watching that kiss on a loop. P.S. I told him the hair-ruffle was hot. #Sherlocksnogs

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

Alright, alright. Kiss fractionally more fun than slap. Both smashing. Now go to sleep, you bad, bad girls! So glad you loved the showX

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

18. She can refer to Martin Freeman as just “Martin” without sounding like a wanker.

Just found this on me dad's shelf. I don't think Martin's in this one.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

Fucking hell, Martin is amazing. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. #SherlockLives

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

19. But she sometimes “does a Molly” in real life when talking to other celebrities.

Jared Leto just touched my arm and said Hey, how's it going and I turned into Molly Hooper. #NAMEDROP

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

20. She wants you to call her “Loo” for short, not “Lou”.

So brave.

21. She knows how to have a good time.

Pace yourself , Brealey. #sambucca

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

22. She loves all of the best things.

23. Plus, she’s always wanted to live in a treehouse. A TREEHOUSE.

I bought my flat because it was like a treehouse and I always wanted to live in a treehouse. #nothotmanintree

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

24. She’s basically a Sherlock fangirl.

I am at the BBC for a screening of The Whale (which is great). I may be drunk. #Slurlock

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

Ah, Baker Street...

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

My power over you grows stronger yet. Genius. #phantomsherlolly (via @hmmSHERLOCK)

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

25. She’s also a Whovian.

Ex'tree'minate! *goes back to sleep after tremendous mental effort* (via @RichardWiseman)

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

Had a little cry at Tom Baker's cameo.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

26. So she knows good telly when she sees it.

I have seen my first #Gogglebox. I am now obsessed.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)


— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

27. She’s into campanology – yup, ringing bells. BELLS, GUYS.

“For a couple of years, I was very excited about church. I joined up for the bell-ringing… It’s quite exciting because you could be whipped up to the ceiling and have your neck broken.”


And here's me at the front door. Helpfully, I'm pointing out the number.

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)


Bye bye, Molly Hooper. #goldenwrap #notthesamethingasagoldenshower

— Louise Brealey (@louisebrealey)

How could anyone else possible compete with that?

Answer: YOU CAN’T. Which is why being her best mate would be the next best thing to actually being her.

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