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    28 Simple Costumes You Can Totally Make The Day Before Halloween

    There’s still hope for you Halloween procrastinators.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their best last-minute Halloween costumes. Here are the insanely creative responses.

    1. An IRL Someecard:

    What you'll need: A poster board, a printer, scissors, and tape or hot glue. Bonus points if you carry around a bottle of wine.


    2. Wilson from Home Improvement:

    What you'll need: A hat, popsicle sticks, and some glue.


    3. Powerpuff Girls:

    What you'll need: Colored duct tape for the tops and sock stripes, construction paper for the glasses, and markers to draw the cartoon eyes.


    4. A dead Game of Thrones character:

    What you'll need: Just a sheet and a name tag.


    5. The Brawny Man:

    What you'll need: A red checkered shirt with a white T-shirt underneath, some face paint or eyeliner, and a roll of paper towels.


    6. No Face from Spirited Away:

    What you'll need: A poster board, a printer, scissors, tape or hot glue, and then just drape yourself in black.


    7. Rosie the Riveter:

    What you'll need: A denim shirt, a bandana, some markers or paint, a foam board, and some straps to wear it like a backpack.


    8. A Beanie Baby:

    What you'll need: A long T-shirt, a poster board to make the signs, a way to hang it around your neck, and face paint.


    9. A copy cat:

    What you'll need: Cat ears, some face paint or eyeliner, a printer, and a way to hang your sign around your neck.


    10. A Sim:

    What you'll need: Some green construction paper for the diamond, a rod or some pipe cleaners to keep it upright, and a headband.


    11. A gold star for trying:

    What you'll need: Poster board, scissors, a sharpie, and an appreciation for memes.


    12. Iron Chef:

    What you'll need: An apron and either some construction paper and tape or just a Sharpie.


    13. Ms. Frizzle:

    What you'll need: Hot glue or tape, some foam or cardboard for the planet cutouts and school bus, and then wear all black. Optional: Bring along a stuffed lizard.


    14. A ~holy cow~:

    What you'll need: A white shirt, some construction paper or felt for the spots and wings, scissors, a headband, some pipe cleaners, and if you're feeling fancy, tinsel for the halo.


    15. A Tamagotchi:

    What you'll need: Pink poster board, some construction paper, scissors, a printer, hot glue or tape, and a way to hang it all around your neck.


    16. Wednesday Addams:

    What you'll need: A white button-up shirt under a black dress and black shoes with the iconic braids and middle part.


    17. Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.:

    What you'll need: An oversize green shirt, hot glue, and some fabric or construction paper to make the face.


    18. CatDog:

    What you'll need: An oversize yellow shirt, construction paper or felt for the spots and ears, a headband, a marker, a poster board for the sign, a way to hang the sign around your neck, and a friend.


    19. Blake from Workaholics:

    Lauren Balch

    What you'll need: Some khakis, a button-down, and a tie slightly askew. Optional: Crimping your hair for ~effect~.

    —Lauren Balch, Facebook

    20. A formal apology:

    What you'll need: Some ~fancy~ clothes, a piece of paper, and a Sharpie.


    21. An elephant:

    What you'll need: A gray shirt and gray pants. For the hat, either buy a cheap elephant hat at the dollar store or make your own with some fabric and hot glue or a stapler.


    22. A Christmas present:

    What you'll need: Some wrapping paper, tinsel, and a bow.


    23. A ceiling fan:

    What you'll need: Some pom-poms and some construction paper or a Sharpie.


    24. The rainbow Snapchat filter:

    What you'll need: Literally just face paint.


    25. A bubble bath:

    Alexis Nicholson

    What you'll need: A shit ton of balloons and some tape or hot glue.

    —Alexis Nicholson, Facebook

    26. Kim Kardashian and champagne:

    What you'll need: A black tank, a black maxi skirt, a bottle of champagne, a glass on your ass, and a roll of shimmery wrapping paper.


    27. Jake from State Farm:

    Jake Kaplan

    What you'll need: A red polo, khakis, and a name tag.

    —Jake Kaplan, Facebook

    28. Damian from Mean Girls:

    What you'll need: A purple hoodie and some sunglasses.


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