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    37 Products That Will Help Turn Your Life Around

    The future is bright, my friends.

    1. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses to help prevent eye strain from staring at a computer all day. Goodbye, office headaches!

    2. A zombie face mask kit that'll bring your skin back to life, in a good, not scary, kind of way.

    3. A mold and mildew spray so you can finally reclaim your bathroom from all the gross brown splotches gathered in the corners of your shower and sink.

    4. A defrosting board to get frozen food ready for cooking way faster, so you can spend less time waiting and more time eating.

    5. A tongue scraper that's the perfect final piece to your otherwise flawless (as far as you tell your dentist) oral hygiene routine. YES these pictures are gross, but it's better to get all that gross stuff off the thing that lives inside your mouth.

    6. An online class on Udemy, like HTML5 or photography, because it's never too late to learn a new skill!

    7. A steamer to get every single stubborn wrinkle out of your clothes without you even needing to break out the ironing board. You can FINALLY wear that one shirt that's been balled up in the corner of your drawer all year.

    8. A seemingly magic carpet cleaner capable of turning your brown carpet into whatever color it was when you bought it.

    9. A stain remover that'll make the list of spilled things you don't have to cry over way longer.

    10. A pair of nonstick muffin tins that'll greatly increase the amount of cool things you can make for breakfast. Egg cups: check. Oatmeal muffins: check. Nutella cinnamon rolls: triple check.

    11. A helpful guide to small talk, the thing we all hate but have to do 100 times a day. Believe it or not, there are things besides the weather to chat about.

    12. A pack of drain snakes to pull out all the gunk from your sink and keep the expensive plumber bills away. At least until your toddler tries to flush some toys down the toilet or something.

    13. A weighted blanket said to help with anxious and restless sleepers. Summer is coming so you can't weigh yourself down with a million blankets — get this instead!

    14. A Ron Swanson dishwasher magnet so you can be absolutely certain the dishes are clean and avoid rewashing, or worse, putting away dirty plates.

    15. A life-changing microfiber towel that will erase every speck of stubborn makeup with JUST water!

    16. A migraine essential oil stick to help relieve headaches when you can't or don't want to reach for a bottle of aspirin.

    17. The Total Money Makeover — a best-selling book to help you save money and stop impulse buying weird hats for your dog (everyone has that problem, right?).

    18. And some colored envelopes mentioned in the book to keep your cash in. It's a lot easier to save money when you have to physically hand over cash every time you buy something.

    19. A pack of insoles to line the bottoms of shoes you like to wear without socks to keep them from getting sweaty or smelly. Think about how much better flats with be with these babies inside.

    20. A pack of closet organizing tabs that separate your garments by type. Instead of searching your whole closet for your favorite maxi, you can just check the dress section!

    21. A rolling over-bed desk so you can turn working from home into working from bed.

    22. A cookbook that ironically helps you cook without a book. Just think: no more trying to open your phone with flour-covered hands trying to remember how much butter you need to add to your sauce. You'll just know. (Spoiler: It's a full stick.)

    23. A hanger organizer for getting all those annoying but necessary things in line.

    24. A water bottle with colorful bands to help keep track of how much you're drinking. It kind of feels like a game and you even get a prize if you move all your bands up: getting to brag that you're actually hydrated.

    25. A set of charcoal-infused sheets designed to stay fresher for longer, so you don't have to feel so bad about skipping laundry day.

    26. An eyeliner with a stampy side so you can just press the wing right onto your face, no stress, no mess.

    27. A click-and-clean mop kit to make cleaning floors an easy task, instead of a painful one you dread.

    28. A night guard for my fellow grinding-sufferers who couldn't get a legit one from the dentist because their insurance wouldn't cover it. My dentist said mine is almost as good as the real deal!

    29. Shower curtain clips to keep the shower water inside the tub.

    30. A pack of fridge bin liners that extend the life of your produce so you can stop just assuming the second half of your bag of spinach is just gonna wilt and rot.

    31. A CreaClip set to make cutting your own hair easy and free. If you're going to cut some impulse bangs, might as well do it yourself.

    32. A mountable organizer so your wraps and foils can FINALLY have a place to live and stop jamming your drawers.

    33. An over-the-door hanger for your iron and ironing board, because where the heck else are you gonna store those things?

    34. A pack of houseplant sticky stakes to catch all those annoying gnats that have taken up residence in your monstera.

    35. A box of mushroom instant coffee that, hear me out, is actually pretty legit. It doesn't taste like mushrooms and is less likely to give you the jitters.

    36. Elastic shoelaces for people who struggle with knots or simply don't have time to fuss with traditional laces.

    37. A cute lil' animal poop lapel pin that will instantly improve your life because...just look at it!

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