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    This Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper Is Gonna Make Your Stinky-Ass Breath Less Terrible

    🎶 Smelly breath, smelly breath, what are they feeding you? / Smelly breath, smelly breath, it's not your fault... 🎶

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    The soundest piece of advice I've ever been given is actually really simple: If anyone ever offers you a breath mint, take it (but, like, hopefully they don't have to offer you one).

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    Even if the odds are slim, there is a possibility they're offering you those mints because your breath is kickin'.

    Look, bad breath is the worst, and chances are you don't even realize you have it! I mean, if it's your weapon of choice for fighting off any unwanted conversations then fine. Bye! This post ain't for you! But if you're tired of people putting on gas masks just to have a conversation with you, then you might want to try a tongue scraper.

    In most cases, bad breath is the result of stuff going on with your gums and tongue. The odor is caused by bacteria waste, decaying food particles, and other debris in your mouth. So using a tongue scraper is a huge step in helping get to the root of the stinky problem.

    Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner is a stainless steel curved cleaner that you just gently scrape on the top of your tongue!

    It's super simple, easy to clean, and every person you ever talk face-to-face with will thank you!

    Bad-breath-havers from all over swear by this handy little gadget, which has a 4.6-star Amazon rating and over 2K reviews of people just singing its praises.

    "Unfortunately I, like many, suffer from bad breath and have tried so many things. I read that sometimes it's the germs on your tongue that can cause it, so I went crazy trying to brush my tongue. Of course, we all know how that ends — gagging, watery eyes, and it still looks like that gross film is on your tongue. I finally decided that maybe it was time to get a tongue cleaner, and it had to be a stainless steel one because they are easier to clean and sterilize. This product is really easy to use and I can get very far back on my tongue without activating my gag reflex. Also, it doesn't have the feeling like brushing with a toothbrush does. This cleaner just glides across my tongue, taking all the icky germs and bad breath with it. I really like this product and I love that it came with a travel case. But not more than I love my nice new fresh breath and bolster or confidence!" —jordanlauren

    "Besides its obvious purpose, this item is really fun to use! I also like the consequences; I get to see the 'stuff' on the metal piece when I scrape it which tells me I'm taking crap off my tongue. And then my tongue also feels scraped, which makes me feel like I did something more than just some kind of toothpaste or mouthwash to generally keep my mouth clean (which hasn't worked before). I think the feeling of having done something specific to keep your mouth clean is an important aspect of having confidence in your breath. After having bad breath for a while, no matter whether my mouth is clean or not, I shy away from talking directly at people. But this helps remove some of my doubts and act like a normal human being again." —Ashley

    "I’ve had this for almost a year now, and it’s great. I felt like it was a huge missing piece in my dental care routine. Previously I could smell my bad breath, especially while flossing, but that has gone away (except rare occasions when I catch a bad whiff). It still looks the same as when I bought it, I suspect because I clean and wipe it down after every use. It’s holding up well after about a year in with (almost) daily use." —David Calhoun

    It works by scraping off all the nasty buildup on your tongue that causes bad breath...and boy, does it get rid of it!

    "Oh my. So I recently noticed my tongue had a yellow tint to it. The internet tells me it's dead skin cells. So, I order this tongue scraper. I get the two-pack so the wife would have one. I've always brushed my tongue, but in 34 years I've never scraped. The results were amazing. I probably went a little too hard in the back and my tongue's a little sore, but that's on me. I can't believe the results! Tongue scrapers are not getting the attention they deserve!" —B-lo

    "Initially a little skeptical, but I was amazed at how well this device works. It is easy to handle and came with a nice storage case. The instructions were easy to follow and ow! Did it ever deliver! I had no idea how much buildup was on my tongue. This little tool will have a special place on my shelf. The ease of use and durability of the product make this a winner in my book. The price is right and the tongue cleaner left my mouth feeling clean and fresh." —roslyn cunningham

    "This product literally changed my life. I am obsessed with this. I cannot start or end my day without scraping my tongue. The amount of bacteria that builds up throughout the day/night is horrifying. I feel much healthier/cleaner after I use this product. I would recommend to EVERYONE!!" —Stephanie Hicks

    And just like that, your stale, gross breath feels fresh and clean — no mints required! Get Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner from Amazon for $7.66.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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