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Rain Check

Rain Check

Post-Rapture Billboard

As promised, Reddit user xtcg123 responded to Harold Camping's billboard campaign proclaiming the Rapture with a billboard campaign of his own in Greensboro, NC, my hometown!

Show Your Rapture Photos

All over the country people went buck naked into heaven leaving their worldly clothing behind. Add your photos of raptured friends, relatives, or even yourself.

Sorry We Missed You Rapture Card

Such promptness and politeness should not go to waste. Fill out your own and leave for friends and neighbors.

Will You Be Raptured?

I fear that by the time you read this it may be too late. If 6 p.m. May 21, 2011 has already come and gone by the time you read this and you've been left behind, here is a handy-dandy chart that will tell you where you went astray. Click to embiggen. (Via)

Rapture Hatch

THERE IS STILL TIME!!!! Don't let pesky roofs and ceilings keep you from the loving arms of the LORD!

21 End Of The World Movies

For your May 21st Rapture Film Festival. These are the best apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic films that have nothing to do with Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich. Since you're going to be left behind in the tribulation and will have nothing better to do besides suffer famine and plague, add your own favorites in the comments below!

BuzzFeed Last Supper / Rapture Lunch

Come Monday we have no way of knowing which BuzzFeed staffers will have ascended and which will be coming into the office to do the good internet's work. In honor of what could be our last day together, some of us gathered with our favorite foods for a BuzzFeed Last Supper / Rapture Lunch. What would you eat for your last meal?

9 Things That Could End the World at Any Time

With the end of the world rapidly approaching, it couldn't hurt to look at how it might all go down. Or in the unlikely event the world does not end on May 21, 2011, it's still nice to know there are at least 9 real world-ending things that don't necessarily require divine intervention to end all life as we know it. (Via)

9 Essential Items For Your Post-Rapture Survival Kit

With only 3% of the world's population getting Raptured on Saturday, the rest of us better be prepared. Of course I'm not listing EVERYTHING you need. After all, how could I rule you all if I gave away my secret plan?

Songs For Your Rapture Mixtape

It's the end of the world as we know it. Well, not entirely. But if you are unlucky enough to be one of the chosen ones at least you can go out listening to some good tunes. Together let's create the most epic rapture mixtape that will entertain generations to come (if there are any left, that is). Leave your contribution in the comments!

Millerism And The Great Disappointment

Harold Camping isn't the first self-proclaimed prophet to calculate a date for the rapture. In 1833, William Miller predicted the rapture would occur around 1843. The Millerite movement gradually gained followers in the early 1840s, culminating in the Great Disappointment when Jesus failed to appear in October, 1844. Despite their disappointment, the Millerites made some interesting theological charts. Take a moment and check them out.

20 Amazing Art Concepts Of Post-Rapture Landscapes

Sure at first it's all burning and screaming but after a decade or three it's serene and OH GOD MUTANT BIKER GANG! RUN! Looks like the number one accessory for post-Rapture survival is not water or food but good old fashioned spray paint.

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