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BuzzFeed Last Supper / Rapture Lunch

Come Monday we have no way of knowing which BuzzFeed staffers will have ascended and which will be coming into the office to do the good internet's work. In honor of what could be our last day together, some of us gathered with our favorite foods for a BuzzFeed Last Supper / Rapture Lunch. What would you eat for your last meal?

  • BuzzFeed Last Lunch

  • Amy Sly | Visual Designer

  • Ashley Baccam | Associate Editor

  • Chris Menning | Viral Media Researcher

  • Clément Huyghebaert | Developer

  • Dave Stopera | The Future Of BuzzFeed/Intern

  • Eric Harris | General Manager

  • Gavon Laessig | Associate Editor

  • Jack Shepherd | Community Manager

  • Jen Wolosoff | Ad Operations Manager

  • Jon Steinberg | President

  • Jonah Peretti | Founder & CEO

  • Katherine Griffiths | Ad Operations Manager

  • Ky Harlin | Data Scientist

  • Matt Stopera | Senior Editor

  • Melissa Rosenthal | Associate Editor

  • Mike Hayes | Social Media Editor

  • Peggy Wang | Senior Editor

  • Stephen Loguidice | Senior Account Executive

    (Photos by Amy Sly)
    Oh, and did we mention we're hiring?

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