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The cherished aspects of my former country and gender continue to be part of my life. I live in the space of possibility between homes.

So many Americans go to India to find themselves. But I went to find the history my family lost in the subcontinent’s Partition.

Dehoarding my partner’s childhood home gave me a way to understand his mother, but I’m still not sure how to live with the habit he’s inherited.

These are stories from people who moved between countries when they were young, and the little things they noticed when they got there.

For 15 years, I've been going to see Phish play at shows and festivals — not just for the party, but to center myself when I need it most.

The time I spent in stables taught me that gentleness doesn't have to come from people.

Lily Sprinkles was supposed to save my relationship, but she gave me something even better.

These elderly traveling street performers share a tiny temporary home, and make art wherever they can.

Maybe it was naive to think I could live in my apartment for as long as I wanted to, but that was the plan.

I once felt torn between Nigeria and Florida, between jollof rice and fried alligator, but there is no real me without both.

Boston’s Chinatown has been a safe haven for Chinese immigrants for generations, but it's being uprooted by urban development — like so many other close-knit neighborhoods across the country. BuzzFeed News follows one Chinese-American family's struggle to hang on to their home.

Taking care of my home doesn’t feel like drudgery. It feels like taking care of myself.

As a kid living in one of Chicago's poorest black neighborhoods, I learned to look past dysfunction and violence to see the beauty of a place I could call home.

I thought that if I had the right things, I could turn myself into the right person.

When you grow up feeling out of place everywhere, it’s the most ephemeral reminders of where you’ve been that make you feel at home.

I was raised in New York, and the gentrification of Brooklyn and Queens has been good to me in many ways — but I’m still conflicted about it.

What do you do when the person who wants everything for you doesn’t have everything she needs?

A trip to the house my grandfather built in India made me realize that home is never exactly how you remember it.

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