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See What Models Eat

Sandwiches, wraps, cookies — oh my. Check out the grub real runway models ate backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Nail Art Just Died

Blame — or thank, depending on where your sentiments lie — Marc Jacobs.

20 Photos Of Fashion Week's Ruthless Paparazzi

Dozens of street-style photographers crowd outside of New York Fashion Week's most important shows just to get photos of fashion people wearing allegedly stylish outfits. These images show just how crazy it gets.

The Haunting Beauty Of Thom Browne

After dressing Michelle Obama for the inauguration, the designer put on what is sure to be one of the best — and least safe — shows of New York Fashion Week.

Chloe Sevigny Needs To Do This More Often

She modeled in the show for her clothing line, which came with live music by "IUD," signs that said stuff like "goat pussy," and super awkward model dancing.

Finally, A Fashion Show For The Freaks

Burgeoning label Chromat — which made the costumes for Beyoncé's Super Bowl backup dancers — debuted at fashion week with a wonderful celebration of weird. Like every subculture of Tumblr come to life.

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