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The Black Market For Fashion Week Invitations

Just $1600 on Craigslist!

It is widely accepted that you can pretty much find anything you might want on Craigslist, particularly in New York City (even a baby, upsettingly enough) — and that includes (exorbitantly priced!) tickets to fashion shows.

As the fashion PR maven Alison Brod put it to The New York Daily News last year: "It is truly the one event that ticket brokers haven't gotten to."

But take a look on Craigslist, and plenty of tickets are for sale. For a whole lot of money!


One seller is offering tickets at $500 a pop, to the lesser-known Nolcha Fashion Week, which features designers you probably haven't even heard of.

At the shows, seats are assigned, and there are a bunch of politics surrounding what row you're in. Curiously, none of the Craigslist postings mention seating assignments.

Worth noting: American Express has a "skybox" at Lincoln Center (Fashion Week headquarters) where you can spend $150 to $250 to see shows.

I emailed a bunch of the sellers to ask who they were, how they got their tickets, and how they came up with their prices.

But none responded.