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Something I Should Have Learnt A Long Time Ago

In honour of body positivity week, I wrote an open letter to my body and along with it is a collage of my derpy face and me trolling around

9 Times Kriss Kyle Defied Gravity On A BMX

The 23 year old Scottish BMX athlete has a perpetual disregard for the laws of physics.

10 Reasons Why Unicorns Make The Best Pets

Get a taste for the wild.

15 Moments Of Feminism From Nicki Minaj

Nicki doesn't need a speech to show her feminism. She shows it everyday.

Who Said It: Jimmy Brooks Or Drake?

Can you distinguish between the Degrassi alum and the Toronto rapper?

29 Reasons Why Night Vale Is Unlike Anything Else On The Internet

Because no one does a slice like Big Rico’s…NO ONE.

10 Reasons P!nk Is One Of The Most Underrated Musicians Ever

She may be an underdog, but she's never been anything but loud.

The Definitive Ranking Of The "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" Books

"The world is quiet here." **Spoilers Ahead**

The 20 Stages Of Writing A BuzzFeed List

It's not all funny GIFs and memes, y'know! (Actually it is.)

33 Of The Greatest Michael Jackson Songs Of All Time

Happy Birthday to The King Of Pop.

12 Dogs That Look Like Soundgarden's Chris Cornell

Meet twelve canines who could pass for rock veteran Chris Cornell. You know, the guy from Audioslave and Poundgarden – I mean, Soundgarden.

The 20 Phases Of Waiting For A Mockingjay Trailer

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 hits theaters in less than five months, but fans haven't seen so much as a teaser. Who's up for a rebellion?

25 Of The Coolest Keep Calm Posters

Keep calm and love keep calm.

Glorious Melty Cheese Gifs To Brighten Your Work Week

Brighten... with the radiant power of CHEESE.

Las 45 fotos más legendarias

Supongo que mi invitación se perdió en el correo.

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