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The 20 Phases Of Waiting For A Mockingjay Trailer

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 hits theaters in less than five months, but fans haven't seen so much as a teaser. Who's up for a rebellion?

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1. You start off hopeful.

2. Giddy, too.

3. And patient as ever.

4. Every day you wake up believing today's the day.

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5. And every night you're like, "Maybe tomorrow."

6. Weeks pass without word from Lionsgate.

7. Still nothing appears.

8. After awhile, you become angry.

9. Then the begging starts.

10. Like, you'll do anything for five seconds of Peeta Mellark.

11. Eventually you sink into a deep depression.

12. On the outside you don't care that much.


13. You're just peachy.

14. But on the inside...

15. Out of nowhere, the film's Twitter claims something big is coming.

16. It turns out to be a bunch of Peeta-less promo images, though.


No Katniss, no Gale, no Haymitch, no President Snow, NO ACTUAL CHARACTERS.

17. So you adopt a cynical attitude.

AMC / Via

18. You'll get it when you get it.

19. But when that trailer does drop...

20. Everyone better look out.

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