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15 Moments Of Feminism From Nicki Minaj

Nicki doesn't need a speech to show her feminism. She shows it everyday.

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2. When She Knew the Difference Between Being a Sexual Subject and a Sexual Object

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This goes out to all the haters who disapprove of the ways that women choose to present their sexuality in their daily life.

6. When She Knew Not Everyone Would Like What You Do

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People tend to shy away from the truth when it's uncomfortable, but Nicki knows that you can't let that get you down.

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Whether it is not smart enough, or funny enough, or domestic enough, or talented enough, or attractive enough, or conforming enough to any of society's ideals of what women should be.

10. When She Knew That Representation Is Everything

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Seeing someone who looks like you being successful reinforces the idea that you, too, can be successful.

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