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24 Brilliant Gloria Steinem Quotes That Will Make You Stand Up And Say, "Hell Yes"

Happy Birthday, Gloria!

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1. On women and the world:

2. On self-esteem:

3. On social change:

4. On the structure of humanity:

5. On the fact that feminism is for every single person:

6. On women pursuing their own goals:

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7. On liberated women:

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8. On gender stereotypes and biases:

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9. On the truth:

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10. On the collective essence of feminism:

11. On raising daughters and sons:

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12. On looking outward instead of inward:

13. On women in history:

14. On feminism and choices:

15. On defying the status quo and needing your sisterhood:

16. On making history:

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17. On the necessity of making mistakes and having a damn good time doing it:

18. On black women's role in the feminist movement:

19. On what she would say to women of color who feel the feminist movement isn't about them:

20. On what women and men say and do:

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21. On unlearning:

22. On being damn proud:

23. On young men and women:

24. And on why feminism is so important:


And bonus, every single quote in this wonderful and incisive 1978 essay, "If Men Could Menstruate."

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