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Animal March Madness

Animal March Madness

Let's be real, Apocalypse Meow would've been way better.

Relive all the adoraglorious moments of BuzzFeed's Animals March Madness tournament, and find out who took the honor of becoming the NEXT BIG ANIMAL!

Animals March Madness has its two final contestants, and Team Elephant needs you to vote.

Animals March Madness has its two final contestants, and Team Red Panda needs you to vote.

Who will play in the championship? Let your heart decide.

It's all led up to this moment, when four animals remain, vying for the title of "Next Big Animal."

Wild puppies versus wild pokemon. You decide!

Only one Australian animal can survive this round, and you must decide who. It's Quokkas versus Wombats in our special pageant round two of Animals March Madness!

Are otters the alpacas of the river, or are alpacas the otters of the field? You decide!

The gentle giants face off in our special pageant round!

The votes are in and eight animals have stuck around to see another round of the cutest competition on the face of the planet. Is your bracket busted yet?

Round one continues with some Australian alliteration.

The battles have begun!

If you predict the tournament correctly, or come the closest to doing so, we'll send you a very special top-secret prize. UPDATE: Since voting is open on round one, the prediction bracket contest is now over. We will let you know when we crown a winner(s)!

We're putting the choice for the Next Big Animal in your hands. This is going to be the most adorable tournament of all time.

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