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Animals March Madness, Round One: Armadillos Vs. Foxes

A face-off of adorable proportions. See the full bracket here and vote at the bottom of this post!

Exhibit A: Hi, I am a tiny adorable armadillo!

Exhibit A: Oh, hello! I didn't see you there! I was just busy being cute with my pals.

Hi again!

You wanna play?

Exhibit B: Look how cute I am when I take a bath!!

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Shake, shake, shake! I love water! Did you know that I can hold my breath for 4 to 6 minutes under water?

Exhibit B: Watch me get stuck in the snow!

Exhibit C: Do you want to go on vacation with me?

Exhibit C: I'll make your ex jealous. Seriously, look how ridiculously good looking I am!

Exhibit D: I am GREAT at protecting myself!

Exhibit D: Disney made a movie about me!

Cute animals like me need to be protected from mean foxes!

Why would they eat other animals...

Huh? Mean animals?!

We wouldn't hurt a fly!

Our mom raised us right!

Please Mr. Fox, Nooooooooooooo!

Exhibit E: When I get a little bigger, you can take me for a walk!

He does NOT want to go on a walk!

That's because we like to run!

Exhibit E: Check out how freakin' adorable we are when we're sleepy!

Just look how goofy I am!

I love to cuddle!

Exhibit F: Did you forget how cute I am as a baby?

Did someone say cute babies?

You don't want to get me started on being a cute baby!

Exhibit F: When's the last time an armadillo give you a high-five?

Some people say I look like a dinosaur, which is ok with me because they are pretty cool!

Dinosours? We look like puppies! What's cuter than a puppy? Oh wait, US!

Exhibit G: Some of my human friends said you might not vote for me....

They said we could go out for a few beers win or lose.

I hope we go to my favorite watering hole!

Exhibit G: I have an excellent sense of humor!

Exhibit H: Just remember, if you do vote for me! I will run and play!

And have the very best day!

Exhibit H: I love to make new friends!

So vote for me!

And maybe we can hang out sometime!