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Animals March Madness, Round 2: Red Pandas Vs. Foxes

Wild puppies versus wild pokemon. You decide!

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Here's how voting works: you can choose a winner of each of the five categories below (Cuteness, Congeniality, Talent, Giffability, Evening Wear). One animal will be declared a winner of each category, and whoever wins the most categories wins this round! Please campaign for your animal here in the comments and on Twitter with hashtags #TeamFox and #TeamRedPanda. May the best animal win!

Red Pandas are literally real life huggable Pokemon.

Koichi Kamoshida, Ian Waldie, Jan Pitman, Sean Gallup / Getty Images

No, seriously. Time for some real talk. This is going to be a tough call, because Red Pandas and Foxes both sport the best of Nature's fur colors. But Foxes are just the poor man's Red Panda, with their basic look and they give you fleas when you pet them. Meanwhile, Red Pandas are flawless, high class fashionistas just ready to love and cuddle your face off. When it comes to cuteness, why settle for average when you deserve exotic?


Foxes are basically cuter puppies with fluffier tails.

The Red Pandas are going to throw around a lot of cute rhetoric to try and convince you that somehow they're cuter than foxes. Sure, they're expressive and look like small bears, but they're basically raccoons. You know what raccoons do? They give your beloved family dog rabies. There's nothing exotic about a dead labrador. Foxes are WAY too cute and busy being adorable for that business.

Red Pandas always put others first.

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

Whether you're having a great day and want to share or a bad day and need to vent, Red Pandas are here for you. They'll take you for a walk in the garden, stop and smell the flowers and listen with rapt attention to everything you say. So go ahead, tell them your secrets, dreams, or worries. Red Pandas will never judge you and give awesome advice to boot!


Red Pandas are excellent pumpkin carvers.


They don't like to brag, but Red Pandas carve some seriously accurate self-portraits around Halloween. What did you think they used those claws for? Of course, Red Pandas are so humble they let their humans take credit, naturally.


We can climb trees!

Lets be real for a second, those Red Pandas did NOT carve those pumpkins! And honestly if I were voting I wouldn't appreciate that deliberate attempt to sway your vote with false advertising. That fox REALLY climbed that tree. Just look at how adorably lost he looks!


Red Pandas look dapper in evening wear.

Paul Gilham / Getty Images

Whether headed to the opera, the club, or out to dinner, Red Pandas know the importance of dressing for the occasion. They rock top hats like nobody's business.


Wes Anderson is the fox's personal stylist.

Don't get me started on looking dapper! Foxes are basically the reason the word exists. Could a Red Panda pull off a double breasted corduroy blazer? Yeah, I didn't think so.