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Animals March Madness, Round One: Chameleons Vs. Red Pandas

Round one continues with our first (and only) cold-blooded contender. See the full bracket here.

Exhibit A: Red Pandas look like this.

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It's basically a raccoon mashed together with a panda and a Pokemon into a highly deadly dose of adorableness. LOOK AT THEM. They're so fluffy, I'm gonna die. -Donna Dickens

Exhibit A: Chameleons looks like this:

Basically the cutest little guy ever. Look at the itty-bitty tail wrapped around that finger. ADORABLE. -Tommy Wesely

Exhibit B: Red Pandas make excellent mothers.

They always support their cubs life choices and give the best hugs.

Exhibit B: Chameleons are basically the James Bond of the animal world

Flickr: kaibara / Via

Their spy eyes can rotate nearly 180 degrees and each eyes works independently of one another, allowing them to look at two different things at once. Pretty bad ass.

Exhibit C: Red Pandas love to play in the snow for the Internet.

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Look how cute they are frolicking the day away! Red Pandas share the rainy forest habitats of their Giant Panda cousins but also can be found in the snowy mountains of Nepal and northern Myanmar (Burma).

Exhibit C: Chameleons have super powers

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They can change their colors! Have fun staying red you stupid red pandas!

Exhibit D: Red Pandas have superpowers too. Attack hugs!

Being red makes them easier to find and hug and squeeze and pet their soft fur.

Exhibit D: Chameleons are great with their tongues. This makes them excellent kissers.

Can red pandas do this? NO!

Exhibit E: Red Pandas need your help!

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

These adorable babies of fluff are endangered with less than 10,000 remaining in the wild. A boost of Internet fame could increase conservation funds!

Exhibit E: Chameleons take care of themselves, they have excellent hygiene.

Red Pandas, not so much.

Exhibit F: Red Pandas don't have time to for hygiene when there is NINJA training to be done.

Look at those sick moves. He's coming to attack hug you.

Exhibit F: Never forget, Johnny Depp played a chameleon!

Mark Seliger / Via

Remember "Rango"?


Exhibit G: Red Pandas haven't starred in any major motion pictures, but they are great actors.

Hollywood, they are totally open to any part, as long it's tasteful. Call them!

Exhibit G: Liz from "The Magic School Bus."

Just another examples of how awesome Chameleons are. I mean, seriously, they are friends with Miss. Frizzle.

In conclusion: Choose the soft, pettable Red Panda because don't you want to just love it forever?

You wouldn't want to make the Red Pandas sad, would you?

Or angry.

In conclusion: Open your arms and your heart because chameleons are the best.

Do the right thing!

IGOR SIWANOWICZ/Barcroft Media /Landov

Fight for the little guys...


They need YOU!

Ian Waldie / Getty Images

Voting is now closed.

Red Pandas win! More to come – keep track of it all here.