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Animals March Madness, Round Two: Wombats Vs. Quokkas

Only one Australian animal can survive this round, and you must decide who. It's Quokkas versus Wombats in our special pageant round two of Animals March Madness!

Here's how voting works: you can choose a winner of each of the five categories below (Cuteness, Congeniality, Talent, Giffability, Evening Wear). One animal will be declared a winner of each category, and whoever wins the most categories wins this round! Please campaign for your animal here in the comments and on Twitter with hashtags #TeamWombat and #TeamQuokka. May the best animal win!


Wombats are unbelievably huggable!

As we established in Round 1, quokkas' perpetual grin is so creepy and unsettling, it may point to species-wide sociopathy. NOT CUTE. Wombats, on the other hand, embody the very essence of cute. Look at all these furry, teddy bear-like wombats who love nothing more than being cradled and hugged by their human companions! When it comes to cute-factor, nothing outweighs the importance of huggability. The question at the heart of this debate: who doesn't want to hug a wombat? THAT'S RIGHT. NO ONE.

-Marcelle Friedman

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As they always say (literally all the time) in Australia, "Don't get in a huggability competition with a quokka!"

The reason for this expression is quite simply that hugging a quokka is a transformative experience. Look at the transcendent joy on these people's faces. That is because they are hugging a quokka, and their lives will never be the same. In Australia, "Hugging a quokka" is a common shorthand for "Reaching the apex of my life."

"I'm really hugging a quokka today," Australians will often say on their wedding days or when they graduate from college.

-Jack Shepherd


Wombats are always down to hang.

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Congeniality is all about being ready to chill out and let loose. What's more playful than horsing around with Yo Yo Ma backstage? Plus, check out the adorably chubby wombat who is practically that baby's little twin brother. He's so congenial, he's socializing with the fam! As you can see, the wombats is THE QUINTESSENTIAL affable creature. And those big, gentle eyes are just the most loving pools of kindness you will ever see. Wombats even like going for strolls on leashes. So gentle! So agreeable!

And if you missed the first round, BE SURE to check out what is possibly the MOST ADORABLE video you will ever see of an animal (Douglas the Wombat) cuddling a human. Believe me, this is a CRUCIAL life experience.

"I love you!"


That's all. That's just how this quokka feels about you. Uh-oh, MY HEART JUST MELTED.


They waddle, they cuddle, and yes...THEY SKI. In other words, wombat badassery knows no bounds.

Round 1 already established that wombats are expert speed-waddling sprinters, which in and of itself puts them LIGHTYEARS ahead of quokkas in the talent department. And as if this, on top of their formidable cuddling prowess, doesn't win wombats the talent medal, take a look at this skiing baby wombat! He couldn't help but show off his skills in the Australian Alps. How can the squealing rat-tailed quokka possibly beat a wombat tearing it up on the slopes?

A quokka's chief talent is charm, and that is why quokkas are so often immortalized in song.


The wombat birthday suit = the best suit

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Wombats are so darn adorable in their own skin, no one would dare take away from their natural beauty with silly outfits.Their best evening wear look is modeled by this darling baby wombat, swathed in a striped blanket for a mid-day snooze. In fact, this human baby was so envious of wombat babies' allure, baby stole his look!

Unlike wombats, quokkas are modest and respectful. In mixed company, quokkas keep themselves tastefully covered with leaves.


Wombats know how to enjoy a good belly rub. ERMAHGAHD CUUUUUUUUTE.

How could anyone resist the urge to tickle a wombat when this is how lovably they respond? And if you haven't yet seen wombats run/waddle like the wind, check out this GIF is not to be missed.

Quokkas love to eat crackers! Look at this quokka eating a cracker! Nom nom nom nom nom!