11 Reasons You Have To Vote For Red Pandas As The Next Big Animal

Animals March Madness has its two final contestants, and Team Red Panda needs you to vote.

Look how far they’ve come!

Read the case for elephants.

1. Their adorable faces.

2. Their bushy tails!

3. Their commitment to athleticism.

But they aren’t smug about it. No Red Panda is going to regale you with his workout regime or try to cajole you into buying jogging gear to train for a 5k with him.

4. Their jolly demeanor.

Red Pandas are always happy to see you! They want to hear all about your day, your week, your vacation, your family, your job, your hopes, your fears, your dreams.

5. Their easy, unearthly grace.


6. Their playful attitude.

Red Pandas never grow up. They want you to put down those TPS reports and come outside and play!

7. Their indomitable spirit.

Never give up! Never surrender!

8. Their expertise with computers.

Herwig Prammer / Reuters

Can’t access your email? Just give the Red Panda a snack, ignore their slightly condescending sigh, and let them fix it.

9. Their “Don’t take shit from nobody” attitude.

Look at this face. This is the face of determination. No one puts Red Panda in the corner!

10. Their natural sass.

They know everyone has inner swag and encourage you to find yours.

“Nobody can keep you down but you,” is their life motto.

11. And finally. They aren’t too proud to beg.

Please please please vote for the Red Panda. Look how much he wants to win!

Vote now:

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Voting in the poll will gain Red Pandas one point.

Tweeting with the hashtag #TeamRedPanda = two points.

Commenting with your own reason to vote for Red Pandas = three points.

Voting will close Monday morning, when we will crown a champion. May the best animal win!

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