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14 Signs Your Dog Envy Has Gotten Out Of Control

Dog envy (n): when you're overwhelmed by a desire to own a dog, but are unable to do so. So you spend too much time thinking about your future dog.

Ana C. 5 years ago

15 Times Tavi Gevinson Was Better At Twitter Than You

You might know Tavi Gevinson as the kid from Rookie, but really you should know her for what she is, a twitter genius.

Ana C. 5 years ago

15 Ways Dr. Mindy Lahiri Has Stepped Up The Fashion Game

Dr. Mindy Lahiri might be a partner at a successful New York medical practice, but she could very well be a freelance stylist on the side. And she probably wishes she could be.

Ana C. 5 years ago

The Stages Of Accepting Leighton Meester And Adam Brody's Engagement

There are reports out that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are engaged. We're just trying to sort out our teenage feels.

Ana C. 5 years ago

30 Signs You Went To Brown

In Deo Speramus, amirite?

Ana C. 5 years ago


I'm the de facto queen of the house.

Ana C. 6 years ago