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30 Signs You Went To Brown

In Deo Speramus, amirite?

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2. You constantly have to explain to your friends that you do, indeed, have requirements.

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I might not ever take another math class in my life, but that won't get me out of a theoretical history of anthropology class!


3. You know not to step on the Pembroke seal.

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Because you will get pregnant. And die.

Same goes for walking through the Van Wickle gates before you graduate, and countless other places on campus that will get you pregnant.


12. You are guilty of any/all of these.

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Heteronormativity: it happens.


13. Receiving Morning Mail means it's time for bed.

Ugh, it's 1 a.m. already?! I might as well read it anyway.


20. Your TA has given you a donut during the Naked Donut Run.

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Why is a Dunkin' Donuts Munchkin so much more satisfying when it's handed to you by a naked person? Oh, right.

22. You know who Jesse Watters is.

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He really likes us. Or, at the very least, is very amused by us.


25. You've woken up early to buy Spring Weekend tickets, only to have the system crash on you.

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All I want is to confess my love to Childish Gambino, JUST TAKE MY MONEY.

29. You walk through the Main Green at night during the winter just to see the candles in University Hall.

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