15 Ways Dr. Mindy Lahiri Has Stepped Up The Fashion Game

Dr. Mindy Lahiri might be a partner at a successful New York medical practice, but she could very well be a freelance stylist on the side. And she probably wishes she could be.

1. When she sees an opportunity for an outfit, she commits to it.

Even if it’s a tad exaggerated, and inspired by a movie.

2. Halloween is no exception.

The professional blazer make this Tinker Bell ensemble office-friendly (and very chic).

3. She understands that accessories can make our break an outfit.

4. Especially when you’re a doctor, and wear a white coat all day.

But Dr. L has the accessories game down, and steps up her office wardrobe while still keeping it professional.

5. She’s strategic when she plans an outfit.

Her clothes aren’t just pretty, they’re multifunctional. Dr. Lahiri has solved the ultimate outfit conundrum: how to make the office holiday party outfit cute and a receptacle for booze.

6. Fashion taboos don’t scare her.

misomeru.tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

Canadian tuxedo? More like an excuse to double up on J. Crew.

7. For Dr. Lahiri, workouts are for embellished sweatshirts, not sweatpants.

Got to stay on trend when you stay in shape.

8. She has rocked all trends, from the Peter Pan collar…

9. … to the more difficult houndstooth.

This bold trend is all too reminiscent of Hot Topic in the early 2000s, but Mindy pulls it off effortlessly. In Theory, no less.

10. In fact, all of her outerwear is envy-inducing.

While this particular coat is custom, Dr. L has sported everything from DKNY to C. Wonder, because she is a classy woman.

11. She knows what she likes and is not afraid to say it.

kailz-h.tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

Or wear it.

12. She invests in her accessories.

lohan.tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

She’s a successful doctor. She don’t need to be twerkin’ for no Birkin.

13. She spreads the holiday cheer by wearing it.

Why be bummed out by the polar vortex when it gives you the perfect chance to hang snowflakes from your ears?

14. She transforms herself through her outfits.

She can be street style fab one second, O.R.-ready the next. Dr. Lahiri knows when it’s time to dress up, and when it’s time to be real.

15. Most importantly, she dresses for her.

giphy.com / Via Giphy

What we can learn from Dr. Mindy Lahiri is: when it comes to fashion, you do you. Wear what you like, and forget the rest.

TL;DR: Mindy has the style game down.

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