15 Times Tavi Gevinson Was Better At Twitter Than You

You might know Tavi Gevinson as the kid from Rookie, but really you should know her for what she is, a twitter genius.

1. She masters the basic Twitter lingo.

2. She doesn’t humor your diet.

BRB, just keeping it real.

3. She tweets about her embarrassing parents, just like any other teenager.

4. But she balances it out with poignant political commentary.

5. She’s not a normal teen, she’s a cool teen.

6. … that has moments of weakness.

Hey, we’ve all been there.

7. She dabbles in fan fiction, because she’s a creative type.

8. Her meta-commentary sheds light on the not-so-distant future of the film industry.

Coming soon to a Vine feed near you.

9. She offers her followers provocative talking points.

10. She cherishes the little moments that bring hope to us all.

11. As an astute observer, she points out little details that might go unnoticed.

Under Tavi’s Twitterrule, we’re all in this together.

12. But, just like us, she sees Twitter as a safe space to share her confessions.

13. She knows what the people want to read.

In a post-BuzzFeed, millennial world.

14. Her tweets are timely and on point.

Where were you when Beyoncé dropped?

15. Because, really, Tavi is just like us.

In that Twitter is an extension of her brain, and that brain is thinking about Beyoncé most of the time.

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