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You're Going To Immediately Google Every Fact On This List Because You'll Think I'm Lying To You

Spoiler: Clouds weigh over a million pounds.

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6. Ted Cruz is younger than Gwen Stefani.

7. The second man to ever go over Niagara Falls in a barrel died by slipping on an orange peel.

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When Bobby Leach slipped on the peel, he fractured his leg. It got infected, then amputated, and he passed away from complications two months later.


11. Speaking of Texas, one time a boat capsized after all of the people on it rushed to one side trying to catch a glimpse of the nude beach it was passing.

Wherelifeishidden / Getty Images

Sixty people were thrown into the water. Nobody was severely injured.

12. The closest living relative to the T. rex is the chicken.

Para827 / Getty Images, Danchooalex / Getty Images

The T. rex also shares ancestry with ostriches and alligators.


14. Some sea turtles can breathe underwater through their butt.

Velvetfish / Getty Images

It's called cloacal respiration, and turtles use the ability to hibernate under the ice in lakes and ponds during the winter.

15. Giraffes and humans have the same number of neckbones.

16. The highest and lowest points of the continental United States are in the same county.

Julof90 / Getty Images, Aitcheyedigital / Getty Images

Mount Whitney in California stands at 14,494 feet, while the Badwater Basin, a little under 85 miles away, is 282 feet below sea level. Both are in Inyo County.


17. An American bald eagle once flew all the way to Ireland, and he was so tired that he had to be returned via airplane.

Moose Henderson / Getty Images

He got an official send-off from the Irish prime minister.

18. Cleopatra lived closer to the invention of the iPhone than the construction of the Great Pyramids.

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Cleopatra was born in 70 BC, which was 2,255 years after the end of the "pyramid building era." The first iPhone was released in 2007, which was 2,077 years after her birth.

19. Steven Hawking held a party for time travelers and nobody showed up.

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

In the experiment, Hawking threw a party for the public, but he didn't invite anyone until the day after. His theory was that if someone had seen the invitation, they would have had to travel in time to get to the party. Nobody showed.


21. If you unwind a roll of Scotch tape fast enough, it can "generate enough X-rays to image a human finger."

Floortje / Getty Images

You'd need to unwind the tape with a vacuum at three centimeters per second to generate that kind of power.

24. The closest people to the most remote place on Earth are astronauts.

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Point Nemo is the furthest point from land. It's between South America and New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean, at least 1,600 miles away from the nearest inhabited land mass. In comparison, the International Space Station orbits the Earth from around 240 miles away, making the astronauts on the ISS closer to the point than anyone else on the planet.


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The difference in time between Cleopatra's birth and the invention of the iPhone was miscalculated in an earlier version of this post. H/T to Keri Snyder for pointing that out!