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27 Reasons Why Perú Is 100% Overrated

Definitely not worth the trip. Nope.

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1. Some people think Perú is beautiful.

Arielle Calderon

2. But they are obviously sadly mistaken.

Donyanedomam / Getty Images

3. This crystal clear lake creviced between mountains? Mediocre at best.

Arielle Calderon

4. Architecture that looks like something out of a fairy tale? Psh, please.

Arielle Calderon

5. The fresh ceviche...overrated.

Arielle Calderon

6. The lomo saltado? Yeah, that doesn't look appetizing at all.

Larisablinova / Getty Images

7. Who even wants to visit a desert oasis?

Nollrodrigo / Getty Images

8. Not this llama. Nope.

Surbs279 / Getty Images

9. And this alpaca? Yeah, not him either.

Arielle Calderon

10. The sunsets in Lima are nothing special.

Arielle Calderon

11. And a park filled with adoptable cats is nothing to be proud of.

Arielle Calderon

12. Rainbow Mountain? I've seen better.

Robert Chang / Getty Images

13. The ancient, unexplained Nazca lines? Meh.

Artmarie / Getty Images

14. And Colca Canyon looks nothing like a desktop background. Definitely not.

Saiko3p / Getty Images

15. The coast of Lima is whatever.

Mediaproduction / Getty Images

16. And this coast? It's fine.

Xeni4ka / Getty Images

17. The history of the Incas isn't fascinating in the least.

Davidionut / Getty Images

18. And speaking of Sacred Valley, why would you want to spend the night there, amongst the stars?

Inkacolors / Getty Images

19. Arequipa is nothing to brag about.

Travelview / Getty Images

20. And Lake Titicaca is not interesting. Not one bit.

Saiko3p / Getty Images

21. Moray? More like bore-ay.

Arielle Calderon

22. Mancora doesn't even look relaxing.

Jhon Garay / Getty Images

23. And Lake Paron? The water isn't even that turquoise.

Tbradford / Getty Images

24. Sure, Perú has the Amazon, but it's not all that.

Pere_rubi / Getty Images

25. Who even likes waterfalls like this?

Screenshots Video Daniel Silva / Via

26. Hot springs in Aguas Calientes? Not that great a view.

Jessica Sturdy

27. And Machu Picchu? Definitely not the coolest site you'll ever see. Why even bother going to Perú?

Arielle Calderon

Arielle Calderon is a writer temporarily based in Latin America participating in Remote Year. If you have any tips on cool places, events, or things to eat in Medellín, Bogota, or Mexico City, email her at or DM her on Instagram.

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