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31 Things Peru Has That The Rest Of The World Desperately Needs

Vamos Peru!

1. Meals that come with fries AND tequeños.

2. Street churros that melt in your mouth.

3. A butterfly bar with aerial acrobats.

4. And real-life butterflies.

5. The best damn ceviche in the world.

6. Sweaters with llamas on them.

7. Llama and alpaca figurines, made from alpaca wool.

8. Alpacas who kiss you on the cheek.

9. Dr. Pepper with llamas.

10. Llama keychains.

11. Alpacas on mountains.

12. Basically just llamas and alpacas EVERYWHERE.

13. 3,000 varieties of potatoes.

14. Restaurants dedicated entirely to soup.

15. A cat park.

16. Tallarin saltado that tastes better than anything your own grandmother could make.

17. A desert oasis.

18. Potato. Ice. Cream.

19. Picarones dipped in syrup that tastes like a better version of funnel cake.

20. Pisco Sours that will make you forget your name.

21. Soda that tastes like bubblegum.

22. Sweaters with farms on them.

23. An abundance of Groot cups.

24. Coca tea for both high altitude and calming down.

25. Gooseberries in everything from açaí bowls to chocolate.

26. Avocados bigger than your palm.

27. And bread bigger than your face.

28. Natural hot springs with pretty unforgettable views.

29. Dancers on trains that really liven up a commute.

30. Crystal blue lakes that are so beautiful it makes you want to weep.

31. And of course, Machu Picchu.

Arielle Calderon is a writer temporarily based in Latin America participating in Remote Year. If you have any tips on cool places, events, or things to eat in Medellín, Bogota, or Mexico City, email her at or DM her on Instagram.

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